You are a Damn Good Cop Jim Gordan Recap

Happy New Year everyone! The holidays may be over, but Harley is still alive and kicking hard. This week, we get an intimate look at Jim Gordon’s character when one of Clayface’s arms is severed in a heist. Meanwhile, Dr. Psycho takes care of some more familial issues. Read on for our full breakdown!

  1. A New Ottoman: Ivy enjoys a quiet night to herself with a few books and a nice glass of wine. It barely lasts thirty seconds before Harley and Co. return from a heist with King Tut’s sarcophagus, using it as their new ottoman. Harley is thrilled to see what the local villain blog is saying about them, only to discover that KGBeast is featured instead for being tapped into the Legion of Doom. Naturally, Harley is pissed and takes it out on both the sarcophagus and the laptop. Harley really shouldn’t be allowed around electronics, y’all. Ivy doesn’t understand Harley’s obsession with getting noticed by the Legion, but Harley explains that she’s essentially not over the Joker and wants to throw her success in his face. She commands her team to think of a new plan that will get them noticed by the Legion, before she’s struck by inspiration; they’re going to rob Bruce Wayne. 
  2. Even More Restricted: The mission: rob the invisible motorcycle from the 26th floor. Clayface uses his acting and shapeshifting skills to get King Shark through to the control center. With Ivy’s assistance, Harley and Dr. Psycho head up to the 26th floor. There, Psycho controls the guard into getting past the retina scanner and Harley bounces past the security lasers to get the motorcycle. However, she happens to notice an ‘even more restricted’ area and calls an audible. Things go south fast and everyone escapes the building. Clayface’s arm is lost in the fray, and the motorcycle is destroyed. 
  3. Jim Gordon, the Wreck: Batman arrives per Jim Gordon’s signal, but Jim didn’t call him about the break-in. No, instead, Jim wants to discuss his crumbling marriage. Because he’s Batman, he has no time or desire to discuss personal matters with Jim, and takes away the use of the Bat-Signal. Instead, he bids Jim to focus on his work and delivers him a piece of evidence from the crime scene: Clayface’s missing arm. 
  4. The Cowled Critic: Harley’s crew isn’t too happy with her for veering off-course during the heist. Especially poor Clayface, who mourns his missing arm. Harley assures everyone that it was all worth it and pulls out the top secret… button? She isn’t too sure what it does, but she is positive that it’s important. She then immediately checks out the villain’s blog and is delighted to discover that the Cowled Critic has finally covered them. However, his words are less than ideal. He smears their names, implies that Ivy and Psycho are an item, and pretty much calls them unworthy of the Legion of Doom. Meanwhile, Jim Gordon interrogates Clayface’s arm, but the little one is terrified and just wants to return to his dad. Eventually, Lil’ Arm warms up to Jim and the two form a bond. 
  5. A Plan in Action: After the disappointing turn of events, Harley’s team splits up into two. Ivy and Psycho go to track down the Cowled Critic and somehow get him to change what he wrote, while King Shark, Harley and Clayface attempt to rescue his missing arm. Jim and the arm continue to bond. Lil’ Arm listens to what Jim has to say, and calls him a good cop. This is followed by a very sweet montage, where Jim imagines him and his new friend doing all kinds of bonding activities. While they bond, Harley attempts her plan. It immediately goes awry, and poor King Shark is beaten up and arrested. She tries again, using Clayface as bait by getting him to lure the cops away with a false report of a kidnapped Bruce Springsteen. Surprisingly, it works. Jim tries to get Lil’ Arm to tell him where Harley’s lair is, but just as the arm is about to squeal, Harley and Clayface enter. By this point, the arm doesn’t want to be rescued, and Jim fires back with bullets to protect him. 
  6. Daddy Issues: Ivy and Psycho arrive at the Cowled Critic’s home, only to find out its the home of Giganta’s new boyfriend. Psycho accuses her of writing the articles, but Giganta denies it. The Cowled Critic is actually her and Psycho’s son, Herman. With Lil’ Arm refusing to return to Clayface, Harley decides to do something crazy— she threatens to press the button. Gordon calls her bluff and pulls the trigger, but Harley indeed presses the button and teleports herself right into the Batcave. She and Batman have a little heart to heart where they both realize they’ve been putting their work before their friendships. Or well, Harley does. Batman mostly grunts and remains serious.
  7. Reunions All Around: Herman takes out his frustrations on Psycho, using a ton of evidence to point out how he’s literally the worst father ever. Psycho manages to talk his way out of it by essentially convincing him that he was giving his son an epic Super Villain origin story. Nice work, Psycho. They make up, and Herman vows to fix things on the Cowled Critic’s end. Meanwhile, Harley and Batman arrive back at the rooftop, where Batman apologizes to Jim and returns the Bat Signal. With his true friend returned to him, Jim encourages Lil’ Arm to return back to Clayface, and he does. 
  8. All’s Well That Ends Well: With everything solved, Batman attempts to take Harley to Arkham, but there’s no way she lets that happen. She tosses the teleportation button, getting rid of him, and thanks to some assistance from Ivy and Psycho, the crew is able to escape the hands of Gordon and the cops. Back at the lair, the Cowled Critic has retracted his words and Harley apologizes to her team for being a crappy friend. However, she realizes that she left one member behind. Lucky for them, King Shark has managed to rule top-rank in prison, living in relative comfort until Harley breaks him out. At least he wasn’t mad at her! We love a kind and patient king.

Hope you all enjoyed Harley this week! Be sure to join us here next week for another all new episode and recap! Let us know what you think in the forum or the comments below.

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