Inner (Para) Demons Recap

When Harley Quinn gets her hand on an army of Parademons, you know something is about to go down. Taking a dive into the cosmic side of the DC expanded universe, this episode shows how a little resentment towards one’s feelings can snowball into an invasion of monstrous aliens from another world! Check out below to read about all of the pandemonium.

  1. Deal or No Deal: With the Injustice League finally taken care of, Commissioner Gordon decides upon himself to call up the President of the United States to inform him that Gotham City is ready to be a part of the country again. However, the world leader declines as he believes that there is still one more major threat to the city that’s keeping it from reopening to the public: Harley Quinn. While initially brushing off the magnitude of taking down the supervillainess, the president insists that if Gordon is able to take Harley out, Gotham City will be put back on the map. Gordon then proceeds to vow to take down our lead in order to bring his city back to normal.
  2. Awkwardness Abound: Harley and Ivy are both still in shock over their impulsive decision in the prior episode. They ultimately both agree that it was something that happened in the heat of the moment and didn’t truly mean anything. While Harley feigns her composure and insists that she’s alright, the audience can tell that a lot is going through her mind which Ivy unfortunately doesn’t pick up. Ivy admits that she doesn’t want anything to mess with the duo’s close camaraderie while also still keeping up with her upcoming marriage to Kite-Man, whom Ivy is supposed to have brunch with his parents with later that day despite not making the reservation earlier.    
  3. A Not-So Simple Plan: Wanting to keep herself busy to avoid thinking about her kiss with Ivy, Harley starts to brainstorm ideas with her reluctant crew on what to do next to make her the next big super baddie. All of the sudden, Batgirl comes in on her motorcycle to reveal that her father is planning on bringing in an army to take her down. Despite her insistence on being a supervillain even with the fairly heroic deeds she’s done and on the fact that Batgirl’s trying to coax her to lie low, Harley decides to find another army to stop Gordon and his allies. 
  4. The Parent’s Traps: Arriving at the restaurant, Ivy meets Kite-Man’s parents, a pair of snobbish and frankly unpleasant individuals who chastise Kite-Man for every little inconvenience. Surprisingly though, Ivy slowly begins to get along with her persnickety in-laws after she’s able to get them a better table with the help of her powers. However, as Kite-Man briefly leaves, Ivy is disgusted by the fact that his parents are so keen on their marriage on the fact that she has powers and he doesn’t outside of his kite. Having enough of her in-laws looking down on him, Ivy proceeds to curse out Kite-Man’s parents not caring anymore about their approval as she explains to them that he’s not lucky to have her, she’s lucky to have him. 
  5. Apokolips Now: After stealing a Mother Box from Mister Miracle, Harley and her allies transport themselves to Apokolips where they witness Darkseid crushing the head of fellow New God, Forager, like a grape. Darkseid senses pain within Harley as she tries to convince the warlord to give her an army to annihilate Gotham City and Gordon. Having to earn his approval, Darkseid orders that Harley has to defeat Granny Goodness in a battle to the death in order to get his assistance. With a little help from Doctor Psycho, Harley is able to bludgeon Granny Goodness to death and earns Darkseid’s respect which in turn allows her to gain access to an army of Parademons. 
  6. War Games: After enlisting the help of Gotham’s citizens in his fight against Harley Quinn, the new master of a colony of vicious, merciless Parademons enters battle against the commissioner and his companions. Bloodshed reigns all over Gotham CIty as various Parademons brutally murder a good chunk of Gordon’s allies in combat. As she slowly begins to slip into madness, Ivy rushes to her friend’s aid to ask if all of this senseless violence and death is really worth all of this effort. Ivy wants to know what Harley really wants and is this truly her ultimate endgame, which she then decides that this isn’t the path she wants to take prompting her to break the staff in two.
  7. The Doctor is Out: Infuriated by Harley sending the Parademons back to Apokolips, Doctor Psycho quits Harley’s crew after having enough of her inconsistency and lack of ambition in taking over the world. Harley finally accepts that she needs to talk to Ivy about how she’s feeling after their impromptu. However, Kite-Man barges in and Harley is sadly reminded once again that he’s Ivy’s soon-to-be husband and she can’t interfere in her best friend’s personal life like that. When Ivy asks once more about what she wanted to talk about, Harley brushes off her true feelings once again and lies that she wants to discuss Ivy’s upcoming bachelorette party, which ends the episode.    

Another adventure with our favorite anti-heroes has now come to an end, check in next week for another riveting episode and recap! 

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