Dye Hard Recap

With an unlikely ally by her side, Harley is in for one wild ride as she’s forced to face her former friend in a fight for her life. Broken hearts can lead to the most harrowing of adventures, so check out below to see what happens! 

  1. Paths Crossed: After coming home from an amazing Bachelorette party in Themyscira, Harley attempts to find something to distract herself after being rejected romantically by her best friend, Ivy. However, both King Shark and Clayface are busy, so Harley decides to go out for a night on the town. She finds herself at Wayne Tower and settles herself at the bar in order to find someone to hook-up with for the night. Unfortunately, Harley runs into the last person she wishes to ever cross, a still amnesia-ridden Joker. 
  2. Batwings and Betrayal: While leading the newly reformed Gotham City Police Department, Commissioner Gordon gets notice of Batman wishing to meet him up at the rooftop. It’s revealed that Batman sent a remotely-controlled Batwing to aid Gordon in taking down the Parademons that are still running rampant throughout the city. Meanwhile, Doctor Psycho briefly returns to the hideout in order to pick up some of his possessions after quitting Harley’s crew. Despite Sy Borgman’s shameful remarks, Psycho is still determined to do things on his own as he leaves in an annoyed huff.
  3. Tower Heist: Trying her best not to provoke her vague minded ex-boyfriend, Harley attempts to leave Wayne Tower despite his attempts to convince her to stay and have a drink. Suddenly, a group of thugs attack the tower led by Gus and take the customers hostage. After knocking out Harley, the thugs handcuff her and her former lover together much to her chagrin. Harley is then forced to escape via a vent with the amnesiac Joker still handcuffed to her. 
  4. A Surprise Guest: Frustrated like a child not getting a toy at the store, Gordon is unhappy that he’s not flying the Batwing as Batman flies it from the Batcave remotely. Noticing the commotion going on from Wayne Tower, Gordon is able to convince the caped crusader to take a break from stopping the Parademons to see what’s going on. Meanwhile, Harley continues attempting to escape with an unwanted accomplice by her side as she suddenly runs into the Riddler, who’s escaped from the clutches of the giant hamster wheel. The Riddler reveals that he’s there to steal a specially-made mind control helmet created by WayneCorp as he then attempts to assassinate the two in cold blood.
  5. Aligned Forces: Heading up to the top of Wayne Tower, Harley runs into Gordon as he initially believes that the Joker is alive and tackles him without a second thought. Detaining him and throwing him into the Batwing, Clayface, King Shark, and Sy Borgman suddenly fly in to answer Harley’s text for assistance. It’s then revealed that the Riddler and Doctor Psycho have formed an alliance and the latter was the one to send the text to his former allies. Psycho proceeds to explain that the mind control helmet exemplifies his powers allowing him to control the Parademons with ease in order to take over Gotham City and then inevitably, the entire world. 
  6. A Noble Sy-crifice: A raging battle ensues as our trapped “heroes” are attempting to take down Psycho and Riddler’s army of mindless monsters from another world. Doctor Psycho proceeds to take over the minds of both Clayface and King Shark and pits them against their companions. When all hope seems lost, a little help from Gordon and the Batwing is able to briefly disorient Doctor Psycho and Harley’s mind-controlled friends from finishing the job. Deciding to take one for the team, Sy chooses to sacrifice himself in order to break the forcefield that’s keeping them in there. 
  7. Memory Relapse: Giving his eye as a memento to Harley, Sy turns himself into a living bomb as he flies up into the forcefield and destroys it. Harley, Gordon, and the Joker proceed to escape much to the annoyance of Doctor Psycho. After realizing that finding the Justice League is the only way to stop Doctor Psycho, Harley is forced to make a rough decision after the Joker reveals that he’s been having dreams about a “past life” with one of them involving the book that trapped the team of superheroes. Taking him to Ace Chemicals, Harley reluctantly shoves him into the same pit of acid that turned him into the Joker in the first place in order to jog his memory. 

Talk about a roller-coaster ride of emotion! Found the episode interesting? Make sure to join us here next week for another spectacular episode and in-depth recap! 

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