The Runaway Bridesmaid Recap

The season two finale is now upon us! It’s been an absolute thrill ride this season and it’s saddening to see it all come to an end. What will happen to Harley and Ivy’s friendship as well as Ivy and Kite-Man’s relationship? Read on below to see what happens in this electrifying conclusion.

  1. Rejected Recognition: While at a ceremony congratulating the Justice League for saving Gotham City from the Parademons, Gordon is ecstatic at the possibility of getting a key to the city. However, the mayor doesn’t give him one and instead gives one to himself along with the esteemed heroes. Frustrated beyond belief, Gordon expresses his anger towards Two-Face, who he’s escorting to Arkham Asylum for his crimes in the Injustice League. The supervillain then slyly convinces the commissioner into running for office to secure the public’s respect and reveals that numerous villains will be attending Ivy and Kite Man's wedding which will give him an opportunity to arrest them all.
  2. Recovering Relationships: Still disheartened by Ivy and Kite-Man’s wedding, Harley commits herself to Arkham Asylum to be alone with her thoughts in a familiar location. Meanwhile, Ivy attempts to regain Kite-Man’s trust after her and Ivy’s “activities” were broadcasted to the entire city. Having secured Kite-Man’s initial wedding revenue after having Frank devour Condiment King, Ivy convinces her fiance to go through with the wedding as planned. Back at Arkham, despite Clayface, King Shark, and Frank coming in attempting to rescue her, Harley is still adamant about staying in the asylum and avoiding her best friend’s wedding. However, after hearing about Gordon’s plan from the rather obviously two-faced Two-Face, she breaks out alongside him in order to save the day and hopefully keep Ivy’s wedding intact.
  3. Wedding Crashers: Convincing the GCPD to go along with his plan, Gordon and his subordinates disguise themselves as crew members working for the wedding in order to take them all down. Attending the wedding, Harley attempts to find Gordon and stop his plans despite being obligated to do duties as a bridesmaid. After confusing the venue rep for Gordon and knocking him out, Ivy angrily drags Harley inside and chastises her for messing with the event. Frustrated, Ivy tells her friend that she doesn’t want her there and Harley leaves heartbroken and on the verge of tears.
  4. Ceremonial Craziness: While dejectedly leaving the venue, Harley notices that all of the flowers are made of plastic and realizes they’ve been placed there, so Ivy couldn’t potentially use her plant manipulation powers. During the marriage ceremony where Ivy is slightly jarred by Kite-Man’s preferred vision for their future, the GCPD manages to gas everyone in attendance and it looks like Gordon is finally going to get the recognition he desires. However, Harley manages to steal a gas mask and uses a rocket launcher to blast the roof which allows for the gas to exit the building. An all-out war between the GCPD and the supervillains in attendance breaks out as Gordon retreats.
  5. Rejection and Reconciliations: Despite Harley wanting the duo to still go through with the wedding, Kite-Man surprisingly denies going through with the marriage. Exasperated and finally understanding that Ivy wasn’t prepared to commit to marriage, Kite-Man leaves knowing that he wasn’t the right person to share the rest of their life with Ivy. Escaping Gordon and the GCPD, Harley and Ivy finally come to see that maybe they’re truly right for each other and it’s time to open up their hearts to each other with no reservations or worries. Sharing a kiss, the two drive off into the sunset with the GCPD in tow.

No words can describe what the second season of Harley Quinn was able to deliver to us. Hilarious humor, realistic drama, and strong, well-written relationships between these characters we enjoy so much, it would be an utter crime to overlook the hard work that went into this season. Fingers are crossed for a potential continuation whether on DC Universe or a different platform, stay tuned for more news involving the future of this fantastic series!

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