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Harley’s switching her hats this weekend, and becoming the HBIC of Ivy’s crazy bachelorette party, while the guys have some smoother sailing in their bachelor party. A lot happens, so let’s get our recap going:

  1. Destination - Themyscira: It’s Ivy’s bachelorette weekend, and Harley wants to make it perfect, because she’s a great friend, of course, no other reason...and she has rounded up quite an assortment of guests. There’s Mrs. Freeze, Harley’s pity invite for her role in Mr. Freeze’s death. Jennifer, middle-aged suburban mom with wine shirts, and all-around normal person; her connection to Ivy you might ask? They went to kindergarten, and promised to be each other’s maid of honor (though Harley has taken that position in Ivy’s wedding), and other than that not a lot in common. Lastly, but certainly not least: Catwoman, who doesn’t seem too enthusiastic about the weekend getaway. But nonetheless, Harley will make sure everyone is ready to party!
  2. Commercializing Amazons: Themyscira, the once secluded island, is now a commercial resort, headed by Eris, complete with soap concierge. Although something seems off, Ivy brushes it off, and soon enough, they’re settled in and Harley’s going over itineraries, which Ivy doesn’t initially brush off, but Harley assures her it’s all so Ivy has the best bachelorette party ever. But Catwoman doesn’t buy it. She gleams exactly what happened, and how Harley’s act is all an attempt to deny her feelings, though by saying something, that unfortunately leads to Selina ending up as Harley’s confidante, much to her chagrin.
  3. Puzzle Time: Meanwhile, the boys are content to chill on a yacht, and build a puzzle. All except King Shark, who would rather stay inside the cabin, to everyone’s confusion. Until a rogue lobster very reminiscent of another talking & singing red lobster explains everything. KIng Shark, aka Nanaue, has to go back to his home in the sea and marry Tabitha, to keep the Federation of Sharks agreement. While King Shark is completely opposed to the idea of arranged marriage, which is why he ran away in the first place, he agrees to go with Samson the lobster to finally tell his father off.
  4. Harmony or Bust: While the ladies are waiting for Ivy to come, Harley notices the other participants are grouchy and not in the spirit, which prompts Harley to get them back in line. It works, kind of, but Ivy is happy that everyone’s getting along. When Eris comes along, with Hyppolyta beside her, Ivy seems to be seeing some cracks in this whole social-media-savvy take that Themyscira has taken up, but Harley once more brushes it off. At Jennifer’s inquiry, Eris reveals of an island called Hedonikka, and as it has men, Harley immediately signs them up for it.
  5. Skirting Copyright Infringement: After a musical number parody, in which Samson details that the sea is better because you can go to the bathroom anywhere, King Shark is still unconvinced, so Samson goes for the heavier stuff: if the marriage doesn’t happen, a lot of sharks will die. That convinces him to reconsider, though Samson takes it as an acceptance of marriage, and rushes to announce that the wedding is on!
  6. Just Gals Being Pals: The ladies are definitely having a much better time in Hedonikka, with Jen mesmerized by Ares’ dance routine, while Mrs. Freeze shacks up with Maxie Zeus, allowing Catwoman to swipe some money from him. Harley and Ivy are dancing, with the latter impressed by all the hard work Harley has done. And then the next morning they wake up in bed together. Which makes Ivy freak out, and Harley is dejected at the reaction, trying to reassure Ivy that it meant nothing, though Ivy heads right to the main desk in order to see about leaving, though there is no way out the island, prompting Ivy to lock herself in her room until the end of the weekend.
  7. Crown Jewels: After a brief interlude to check in on King Shark’s plans to cancel the marriage, which chain-smoking Tabitha also opposes, we’re back with Harley, who runs into Catwoman. She tries to get some advice from Selina, but doesn’t get any help, nor from a passed out Jen. So Harley tries to appease to Ivy, brushing off the whole thing, promising that the best of the weekend is still yet to come. After everyone is gathered, Harley reveals her master plan: she knew all along that Eris was mind-controlling the Amazons, and Queen Hyppolyta, in order to take over the island to eventually sell it off to none other than Lex Luthor, but they’re there to thwart the plan and kill Eris. Which is the perfect thing that Ivy could have expected.
  8. Taking a Stand: King Shark tells his father off, and his dad gives him an ultimatum, if he leaves, he can never return, and King Shark does just that. Meanwhile, the Cobb Squad barges in on the meeting, effectively stopping Eris and her army for trying to sell out Themyscira and the Amazons & not having bottomless mimosas. After that, Hyppolyta comes to, and Harley explains what happened. To thank them, Hyppolyta will celebrate them in the ancient Amazon tradition, with a rager. 
  9. Unique Connection: While the other ladies are partying, Harley and Ivy are once again getting closer, and once again end up in bed together. While Ivy once again goes off on a rampage of using every swear word combination known, Harley finally asks why Ivy is so upset or feels this is so wrong. Ivy feels like it will lead their friendship to end, but Harley has an entirely more positive outlook for them, one where they work together and do fantastic things. She leaves Ivy to do some thinking, and we get a chance to check in with the guys again. King Shark returns, with everyone thinking he stood up to his dad, but turns out he gave in and married Tabitha. But it’s just for appearances, they can see others. This confuses KIte Man, who doesn’t understand that being rejected isn’t part of the plan.
  10. Alone on the Runway: The girls are back, Mrs. Freeze and Maxie Zeus are getting into their car, happy as can be, Jen is a changed woman, much to her husband’s surprise, and who knows where Catwoman ran off to. Then Ivy goes to talk to Harley to give her a heavy dosage of reality. While the offer was tempting, and Ivy trusts Harley with her life, she doesn’t trust Harley with her heart, and ultimately chooses to go with Kite Man, and the marriage, leaving Harley all alone crying.

I did say it was a busy episode! What did you think? Be sure to join us here next week for another all new episode and recap!

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