Lovers' Quarrel Recap

We’re one episode closer to the season two finale, how bad could things get? Apparently in Harley Quinn’s case, everything will come tumbling down in a whirlwind of emotion and drama. Check out below to see what happened in today’s episode! 

  1. Brainwashed Bestie: We cut to where we left off last episode, Ivy declaring that she’ll kill Harley without any remorse whatsoever. After a brief scuffle on the front lawn, Harley is saved by Kite-Man from the dangerous clutches of her mind-controlled ally. Meanwhile, the Justice League are attacking various Parademons that are wrecking merciless havoc within Gotham City. Both Harley and the Justice League indirectly agree that they need to take down both Doctor Psycho and the now will-less Poison Ivy from destroying the town.
  2. Dread the Darkseid: While mentally assaulting both King Shark and Clayface with embarrassing memories from their pasts, Darkseid summons himself via an Apokoliptian projection into the base. The ruthless warlord demands that Harley Quinn’s head be brought to him by nightfall as he decides to come in personally to see Doctor Psycho’s progress. If he doesn’t have the head of his former business associate, then Darkseid threatens to take the misogynistic telepath’s head instead. After the threatening message, Doctor Psycho concludes that with the Justice League out of his way, then Harley Quinn will be for the taking and he can rule earth alongside his often belittled partner, the Riddler. 
  3. An Indirect Sy-vior: Heading back to Kite-Man’s apartment, Harley comments that they need to annihilate Doctor Psycho’s helmet in order to free Ivy. Realizing that her now-deceased friend, Sy Borgman, was able to resist mental attacks from Psycho, Harley looks to the cybernetic eye he gave to her as a memento for some clarity. However, the eye begins to blink and despite being initially freaked out, Kite-Man deduces the eye’s doing morse code and plugs it into his television to reveal Sy. Transmitting his consciousness to machine form, the cybernetic elder helps the two create an anti-mind control device to stop their former friend from taking over the world.
  4. Battle of the Mind: Confronting the Justice League, Ivy now has the unbridled allegiance of a now mentally-controlled King Shark and Clayface as well. Engaging in a powerful fight, Harley enters the battleground via one of Kite-Man’s kites after getting frustrated by his slow building skills. Attempting to make sure that her friends aren’t hurt by the team of renowned superheroes, Harley tries to find ways to stop these powerful, otherworldly beings and snap Ivy out of her mindless trance. After taking out King Shark and Clayface, Harley, Ivy, and the Justice League are all led to Wayne Tower where Superman decides to place Ivy in the Negative Zone for all eternity. However, Ivy suddenly uses her love pheromone to make the heroes turn into lustful, love-struck romantics rendering them useless in a battle.
  5. True Love’s Kiss: With Ivy delivering Harley to her master, Kite-Man flies in secretly to deliver the devices to her. All of the sudden, Darkseid summons himself into the hideout demanding that Psycho follows through on his promise or it’ll be curtains for him. While distracted, Kite-Man tries to snap Ivy out of her state with a “true love’s kiss”. As expected, nothing happens and Harley and Ivy once again face off in a violent struggle. Left pinned down by Ivy and with no other choice, Harley decides to attempt true love’s kiss herself which surprisingly works. That is, until it’s revealed that it was just Doctor Psycho getting distracted by the kiss, but Ivy is out of his control now and the two manage to take the sociopathic dwarf down. 
  6. Deal Breakers and Heartbreakers: Impressed by Harley’s formidable nature, Darkseid allows her to take the planet for her own with a legion of Parademons as planned before. Surprisingly though, she refuses as she claims that she isn't a true supervillain or even a bad person anymore. Mildly flummoxed, Darkseid departs as Harley tries to express her utter devotion and adoration to Ivy once again. As Kite-Man begins to recover, Doctor Psycho does one last utterly callous, unsympathetic action to spite his former allies by projecting Harley and Ivy’s “bachelorette night activities” for all to see. Utterly heartbroken and with his trust in his fiance completely shattered, Kite-Man stares at Harley and Ivy in disbelief. 

The end is near, what will happen to all of these characters that we enjoy so much? Find out next week for the epic conclusion to season two of Harley Quinn!

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