A Fight Worth Fighting For Recap

Harley and the Joker teaming up to save the Justice League from an interdimensional storybook? What could possibly go wrong? This alliance sounds turbulent at best, so check out below to read all about this episode’s exciting adventures. 

  1. Joking Victim: After a recap of this season’s misadventures from Frank the Plant and his drug dealer, Chaz, the episode cuts back to where we left off with Harley throwing an amnesiac Joker into an Ace Chemicals vat to jog his memory. Emerging from the acid, the Joker is officially back as he begins to laugh his head off, until Harley slaps him demanding to know where the book is. Joker proceeds to reminisce about his new life with Bethany, a nurse who saved him and ultimately fell in love with, and realizes the book is at her house. While reluctant to work with his ex-girlfriend again, the Joker is convinced to work with Harley immediately after she reveals that she placed a bomb inside his head in order to follow through on her plan/
  2. Deal with the Darkseid: Gotham City is in utter ruins and Parademons are mutilating innocent civilians wherever they go. Discussing their next steps, Doctor Psycho and the Riddler decide to contact Darkseid in order to come to an agreement about taking over the world. Darkseid initially rebukes his offer, but Doctor Psycho attempts to sway him by telling the Apokoliptian warlord about his origin involving a ferris wheel accident and how his lack of growth as a child led to where he is today. Still not convinced, Doctor Psycho promises to bring the head of Harley Quinn to which he agrees to. 
  3. Stories of Heartache: Heading to Bethany’s house, the Joker and Harley are able to convince her that the former is indeed the man she’s grown to love after the duration of six months. Utterly heartbroken by her romantic partner’s rejection, Bethany gives the magic book up to the duo in a saddened, but aggravated huff. However, she proceeds to throw it into the air which is then promptly caught by a Parademon. Harley and the Joker decide to head to the main hive for the Parademons in order to track down the book and save the Justice League.
  4. A Bride’s Fury: While shopping for wedding dresses, Ivy seems a little disoriented and Kite-Man asks why her and Harley aren’t shopping for her dress together. He attempts to ask whether or not they had a fight to which Ivy rebuffs. Suddenly, a group of Parademons attack the bridal shop demanding to know where Harley is and inadvertently impales Ivy’s dress with a small piece of glass. Infuriated, Ivy murders the Parademons and decides to bring the fight to Psycho in order to keep her wedding intact.
  5. Hive Mind: Harley and the Joker make it to the main hive of the Parademons in order to retrieve the book. Much to her surprise, Joker proceeds to reminisce more about his relationship with Bethany and begins to wonder if he made the wrong choice. As he compares what he had with Harley’s failed romantic relationship with Ivy, the duo proceed to find and retrieve the book only to be cornered by Parademons. Attacking a few of them isn’t enough and it looks like it’s curtains for the former couple until the hive’s wall is broken through by the Batwing. Batman originally believes that the Joker and Harley have gotten back together and are in league with Doctor Psycho and takes them into custody.
  6. A League of their Own: Realizing that the two aren’t back together and are trying to save the Justice League, Batman delivers Harley and the Joker to Bethany’s house after they find out they have the wrong book. Professing that he genuinely cared about Bethany and her kids, Joker decides that he wants to give suburban life a shot and gets back together with her. With the help of Zatanna, the Justice League escape from the enchanted storybook and begin to make their way to stopping Doctor Psycho. As she departs, Harley is surprised to see Ivy standing outside of the house. However, Ivy declares that she’s going to kill her best friend after being brainwashed by Doctor Psycho due to her confronting him about messing with the wedding.

Talk about one shocking cliffhanger, check in next week for another exciting episode and recap! In the words of the incredibly wise and thoughtful Frank the Plant; Same Frank Time, Same Frank Channel!

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