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Harley's quest for conquering Gotham continues! This week, she's aiming for Mr. Freeze's lair, and she is determined to get in there by any means necessary, even by stealing Firefly's coveted flamethrower. But the quest to get the flamethrower is going to lead Harley and her gang through another adventure, this time in a museum, and with Catwoman and Kite Man tagging along. Curious? Read on for more!

  1. An Impenetrable Fortress: Harley and her Crew attempt to break into Mr. Freeze’s icy lair, with very little success. Dr. Psycho and King Shark are freezing and want Harley to let it go, but Harley is determined to get vengeance on every member of the Injustice League for what they did to her. Thanks to two guards with little brain and talk filters, they reveal that Harley would need Firefly’s flamethrower in order to get in. They also reveal the location of this flamethrower, and with the intel in store, Harley and her Crew leave on a mission to acquire the flamethrower. 
  2. Domestic Bliss: Kite Man gives Harley and Ivy a ride to the Gotham Museum of Natural History, where Doctor Trap houses all his loot. It’s revealed that Ivy and Kite Man have gotten pretty comfortable being in a relationship together, going as far as making chili together instead of eating out. Once Kite Man leaves, Harley tries to get Ivy to see the light that she can do better than Kite Man, but Ivy isn’t willing to hear it. It’s easy to get into the museum, and Doctor Trap is waiting for them. He tells them that they can take anything they want… if they survive his traps. Easy peasy, right? Not so much, given that they test one of the traps out and it proves to be much harder than they thought. 
  3. Riddle Me This: Back at Harley’s lair, the Riddler is still being put to work on his hamster wheel. He intimidates Dr. Psycho, who grows irate that the Riddler won’t take him seriously as a villain. The two banter until Dr. Psycho loses his temper and starts throwing bottles of lotion at him. 
  4. A Feline Assist: Since she needs some help in getting the flamethrower, Harley calls upon the best burglar she knows; Catwoman. Ivy doesn’t want to rely on Catwoman, given that she’s flakey and only looks out for herself, but the attitude immediately changes once Selina arrives. Ivy immediately goes into fangirl mode, and it’s a little tough to swallow. Catwoman agrees to help, given that she’s had her eye on a ruby from the museum.
  5. Museum Heist: Catwoman, Harley, Ivy and Kite Man all meet at the museum to conduct the heist. Ivy shows off Kite Man to Catwoman, but Selina isn’t too impressed. Kite Man bids goodbye to them all, explaining that he’s deathly afraid of traps, and Harley’s peeved at Catwoman for taking the lead. Before Harley can enter, Kite Man pulls her to the side and tells her he actually is joining them, because he wants to steal a special ring from the museum to propose to Ivy with. Harley isn’t so thrilled at the idea, given that she thinks they’re moving too fast, but Kite Man insists. 
  6. Quest to Impress: With Ivy and Catwoman on their own, Catwoman asks her about Kite Man. As the two talk, Catwoman notes that Ivy’s changed; she’s no longer doing things for her own goals and merit, but rather is following Harley’s plans and goals. This doesn’t sit too well with Ivy, especially as she’s been trying (and failing) to impress Catwoman this whole time.
  7. Duo of Disaster: Harley and Kite Man continue through the maze of traps, with Kite Man taking the brute force of the damage. You know, because he’s Kite Man. Harley is still wary about his and Ivy’s relationship, but she starts to warm up to the idea after Kite Man explains why he’s so in love with her. The two of them find the ring he’s looking for, but just as they do, Kite Man activates another trap and lands himself in a Spider Web at the mercy of a giant spider. 
  8. Disappearing Trick: While Dr. Psycho mulls over Riddler’s harsh critiques, King Shark reveals that Riddler was able to use the lotion bottles thrown at him to escape the hamster wheel. Knowing that Harley will kill him if she returns and Riddler’s gone, Dr. Psycho puts the remaining crew to work at finding him. Riddler isn’t making it easy, though. In true Riddler style, he’s left them a riddle to find him. 
  9. A Petty Theft: Harley and Kite Man finally meet up with Ivy and Catwoman at the site of the flamethrower. While Catwoman helps Harley get it, Ivy goes to Kite Man and asks what he’s doing there. He attempts to propose with the ring, only to find out that Catwoman has stolen it from him. Catwoman vanishes, and Harley takes the flamethrower, only to trap themselves in a glass cage with a falling ceiling, threatening to crush them at any moment. 
  10. Hide and Seek: The crew continues to search for Riddler to no avail. Dr. Psycho warns that he isn’t taking the fall for this alone, and the crew ramp up their efforts. However, Sy accidentally shoots Psycho with a dart gun, mistaking him for Riddler, putting Psycho out of commission. 
  11. Those in Glass Houses: With seconds away from being crushed, each member of the team laments something else. Kite Man continues to try and propose to Ivy, while Ivy surmises that Catwoman was right and that the only reason they’re in this situation is because of Harley’s need for the flamethrower. This, however, triggers an idea. As the flamethrower can melt anything, Harley uses it on the glass and tries to get them out. Meanwhile, Kite Man is still stuck on his proposal, annoying Ivy to the point where she breaks up with him. As the three escape the glass cage, Harley sets her sights on Doctor Trap, intending to get him back for nearly killing them. 
  12. Calves of Steel: Back at her lair, Harley shows off her new flamethrower to the team, before realizing that something’s amiss. The team admits that they lost the Riddler, aggravating Harley. They all go to look for him, finding Dr. Psycho running on the hamster wheel and Riddler sitting innocently beside him. He lets Dr. Psycho off the wheel and returns to his place, explaining that he’s quite happy with his position there, that he gets fed and enough cardio, and that’s much better than facing the world of Gotham out there. 
  13. Indecent Proposal: Over at Ace Chemicals, Harley meets Ivy as she’s giving some rather harsh justice to the goons who dumped the chemicals into the harbor. The two talk out Ivy’s feelings of conflict over not being more like Catwoman, but Harley explains to her that she’ll never be Catwoman because she has people that love her; especially Kite Man. With that in mind, Ivy goes to Kite Man’s place and apologizes for her behavior back at the museum. She tells him to ask her to marry him again. Cliffhanger!

Hope you all enjoyed Harley this week! Be sure to join us here next week for another all new episode and recap! Let us know what you think in the forum or the comments below.

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