Til Death Do Us Part Recap

The day has finally arrived! Harley Quinn is here and ready to spread havoc all over DC Universe. We’re so excited that the show is now streaming, and we’re sure that you’ll love it as much as we do. But let’s talk about that first episode! Harley has reached her breaking point with the way Joker’s been treating her and finally leaves him for good. There’s also some riddles and a giant tub of margarita mix involved, but we’ll get to that in the details below. 

  1. Toxicity at its Finest: Joker and Harley work a heist atop a private yacht, but Harley is growing tired of the Joker taking all the attention and glory. She wants a taste of it too, and to be just as feared in Gotham. Joker doesn’t really take her seriously, and before the conversation really goes anywhere, Batman shows up. To buy his escape, Joker uses Harley as bait and promises he’ll break her out of Arkham before breakfast.
  2. One Long Year: A very exhausted Commissioner Gordon tries to wheedle out Joker’s location from Harley, but she ain’t budging. Batman asks why she’s so keen on protecting the Joker when he treats her so poorly, but Harley is loyal to her Puddin’ and insists that what they have is true love. She reminisces about a romantic night they shared on a rooftop where the Joker proposed to her, cementing her ideals. She spends the next year in Arkham, waiting for the Joker to break her out, despite what literally every other person is telling her. Poison Ivy is the most supportive and tries to get Harley to see the light, but Harley is a little far gone at the moment. It’s Poison Ivy who eventually breaks them out after having concocted a plan with the Riddler, enforcing a little tough love on Harley as she knocks her out and takes her back to her apartment. 
  3. The Break-Up: Harley tries to escape Ivy’s apartment several times, but Ivy isn’t willing to let her friend go down the rabbit hole again. She uses her previous history with Dr. Harleen Quinzel to show Harley that something isn’t right with her relationship with the Joker. Once Harley finally realizes this, she and Ivy go to the Joker’s hideout in order to break up with him. She calls him out on his behavior and announces them over, but Joker doesn’t let her get away so easily. He pulls his usual tricks and insists that not rescuing her was a ploy to protect her, surprising Harley while making Ivy probably want to bash her head in. Much to Ivy’s disappointment, Harley falls for this and reunites with the Joker. 
  4. A Master Plan: The Riddler plans a massive scheme and announces it to Gotham, interrupting Harley and Joker’s date night. Harley agrees to take the Riddler out for him and goes to do so, only to find Batman there as well. Riddler captures the both of them and suspends them over two pits of acid. Harley isn’t too worried, convinced that the Joker will protect her. Wanting to test that theory, the Riddler calls in Joker and has him choose which person to save, and which person to drop in acid. To no one’s surprise, he picks Batman. As Batman races after the Joker and Harley falls into the acid, she’s greeted by a hallucination of Dr. Harleen, who breaks down the ‘proposal’ fantasy into what it really was: Joker using Harley as bait to get to Batman. Ivy pulls Harley out of the acid, much to her relief. Ivy explains that the ‘acid’ was really margarita mix, and she set up this whole ploy with the Riddler so that Harley would see that the Joker doesn’t really love her. This time, it actually sticks. 
  5. Harley Quinn, New and Improved: Now that she’s finally seeing the light, Harley goes back to the Joker with intentions to break it off for good. She’s sporting a completely new look, proudly displaying her newfound self-confidence. The Joker doesn’t accept her termination of their relationship, and per usual, doesn’t take anything she says seriously. But Harley isn’t here to play his games anymore. Joker sets his goons on her, and in a wickedly gory display, Harley takes out every one of them and even destroys the Joker’s hideout. After securing her Thai order with Poison Ivy, she leaves Joker with a warning and makes her exit. 

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