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This show just keeps getting crazier and crazier, doesn’t it? We absolutely love it! This week, the Queen of Fables is released from her book-prison only to be given a life sentence at Arkham. The turn of events doesn’t fly with Harley, who breaks her out and invites her to join her team. Ivy, naturally, warns her against this and Harley, naturally, doesn’t listen. Per usual, chaos ensues and… well, we’ll just get into it below!

  1. Coffee Chat: In breaking news, Tawny reveals that a judge ruled the Queen of Fables imprisonment in a US Tax Code to be cruel and unusual punishment. Harley and the sorceress discuss this over coffee until the Queen asks what’s the update with the Legion situation. When Harley tells her there’s no update, the Queen advises her to go after what the Legion wants most. With her advice in mind, Harley returns to base and seeks out the one item the Legion of Doom has never been able to get their hands on: Kord Industries’ Weather Machine. 
  2. An Unfortunate Twist: While Harley and her crew attempt to figure out a plan to steal the machine, Frank the plant points out that the Queen of Fables’ trial is happening on the news. Zatanna frees the Queen from the book, however, she is to spend the rest of her life in Arkham Asylum. Harley becomes enraged at this form of ‘justice’ and insists that someone has to do something, despite Ivy’s warning that the Queen definitely belongs there. Thus, during the transport, Harley breaks the Queen out. 
  3. A Bad Guy, but a Good Person: Harley brings the Queen of Fables back to their hangout. The Queen is grateful to Harley for her assistance and promises her help in stealing the weather machine. She also straight-up murders Humpty-Dumpty, which is… something. Ivy isn’t happy with their new guest, and lectures Harley. The Queen is bad news, plain-old evil, someone who Harley does not want to mess with. Harley has a little trouble taking Ivy seriously given her unusual getup, but Ivy quickly makes an excuse and leaves. 
  4. A Secret Affair: As it turns out, Ivy has been sneaking around and secretly seeing Kite Man. We know, we were shocked too. This is not a relationship that she’s proud of, given the great lengths she goes to hide it. Kite Man is doing his best with his leading lady, but Ivy prefers to keep their relationship as much on the DL as possible. 
  5. A Murder in the Family: With the help of Cinderella’s mouse, Harley and her crew are ready to tackle stealing the personal force field that will then help them steal the weather machine. Before they head inside, Harley’s accidentally hit on the head with a soccer ball from the Praxis family reunion. Harley wants to call off the mission, but the Queen assures her that she’ll take care of it and the rest of them should proceed. The mission goes well and Harley and Co. get what they came for. They emerge from the sewer only to find a complete and total massacre. By ‘taking care of things’ the Queen of Fables really meant that she was going to murder all the members of the Praxis family. The Queen tells them to look around and make sure she got everyone; Harley sees a surviving member, but out of pity, doesn’t bring them up and confirms that everyone is dead. 
  6. There’s a Very Fine Line: Back at the base, Ivy chides a very scarred Harley and her crew. Harley agrees and knows she needs to break up with the Queen of Fables. She goes to her and suggests she sit out the weather machine heist, but the Queen is not happy about it. Harley admits that she wasn’t okay with the Queen’s methods, and it’s good to know that she does have some kind of moral code. The Queen argues with her and claims the Legion of Doom will not accept Harley if she has such a line, but Harley insists they need to part ways. The Queen seems angry, but agrees and leaves the lair with her fairytale creatures. 
  7. A Date With Disaster: Back on another date with Ivy and Kite Man, nothing seems to be going well. Ivy looks like she wants to be anywhere but there, and Kite Man is just being… himself. She wants to just go to the movie, embarrassed at being seen in public with him, but Kite Man just doesn’t get it. 
  8. Too Easy: Still armed with Cinderella’s mouse, Harley and her crew head to Kord Industries to steal the weather machine. Granted, the mouse doesn’t last too long, as he’s soon murdered by the lasers surrounding the machine. Harley turns on her personal force field and has a much easier (and safer) time getting the weather machine. Once acquired, she ransoms the mayor who calls her group a scourge, which is quite a compliment to her and the crew. Unfortunately for them, the Queen of Fables is waiting with her hungry wolf. She wants the weather machine, but Harley refuses. Their altercation is interrupted by a newly powered Jason Praxis, the last surviving member of the Praxis family reunion. He zaps the Queen’s storybook and seeks revenge for the murder of his family. 
  9. The Truth Revealed: Still on their date, Kite Man and Ivy wait for a table at the same restaurant. Kite Man grows even more frustrated when the Riddler is able to walk in and get seated without a reservation. Ivy just really wants to go, and Kite Man soon realizes that she’s embarrassed to be seen with him. Upset, Kite Man leaves her at the restaurant. 
  10. Revenge Best Served Cold: The Queen is livid with Harley for leaving a member of the family alive, given that she knew this was what would happen. Jason explains how he survived and got his powers and now he’s hell-bent on getting his revenge on the Queen of Fables. He agrees to let everyone live if he gets the Queen, and Harley is more than willing to comply. 
  11. Over at Room 69: Ivy returns to Kite Man’s apartment, seeking forgiveness. She apologizes to him for thinking he is beneath her, and admits that she really does like him. This thaws Kite Man’s anger and he accepts her apology, especially when she finally introduces herself as his girlfriend to his roommate. 
  12. Happily Never After: Harley hands over the Queen of Fables to Jason Praxis, but with a little twist. When Jason attempts to attack her, she is covered with a force field that blasts the attack right back at him, knowing him out. Turns out, Harley’s loyalty knows no bounds; she slipped the bracelet on the Queen’s wrist before handing her over. She agrees to let the Queen go, which the sorceress says is a stupid decision, but walks away nevertheless. Jason Praxis wakes up, asking if he avenged his family. Harley lies and says he did, which pleases him. Up until he’s murdered by the Queen, that is. Ivy arrives just in time to see Harley and her crew attempt to figure out the weather machine, but they can’t make it work. It needs a password, and after several failed attempts, the machine self-destructs. Funny how it all worked out, isn’t it?

Hope you all enjoyed Harley this week! Be sure to join us here next week for another all new episode and recap! Let us know what you think in the forum or the comments below.

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