Thawing Hearts Recap

This week’s episode is a total treat! Taking a bit of a softer, more sensitive tone, Harley returns to Mr. Freeze’s lair with the intention of executing him… only to find out that her perception of him was completely wrong. We get an insight into Mr. Freeze’s life and his wife, Nora, all while learning about the meaning of true love. Confused? Read on!

  1. Burn Baby Burn: Flamethrower in hand, Harley is back at Mr. Freeze’s lair and works on melting the ice wall guarding his fortress. A true female warrior, she carves out an entrance into the shape of a vagina, beckoning her team inside. Once in, the team gets a notification that Ivy said yes to Kite Man’s proposal; it’s official! Harley is excited for Ivy’s wedding but refuses to bring a date; as they’re taking down Mr. Freeze’s goonies, she reveals that post-Joker Harley wants nothing to do with love and dating. She’s single and ready to mingle. Mr. Freeze attempts to apprehend them, and thanks to the cold, he has a home-turf advantage. With little resistance, Mr. Freeze uses his ice gun to freeze the entire gang and takes them captive.
  2. Petty Texts: Back at the lair, Ivy and Kite Man get ready to tour a potential wedding venus. Fueled by a rivalry with Condiment King, Kite Man is determined to prove himself and his status by marrying Ivy at the Old Gotham Corn Factory. Ivy, being the good fiancee that she is, calms him down and assures him that they’ll get the venue. 
  3. Test Subjects: Mr. Freeze unfreezes Harley and her crew, explaining that they will serve a higher purpose. He’s devoted his life to finding a cure for his wife’s rare, terminal blood disease, and with Harley, he can finally have his first human test subject. Harley does some quick thinking and tells Mr. Freeze that Ivy can help them out. Using her skills and smarts, she’d probably be able to find a cure without using Harley as a test subject. Mr. Freeze considers this a good alternative, puts Harley back in her cell with her crew, and goes off to prepare lunch for them all. He’s nothing if not a good host. 
  4. Stalling Game: King Shark doubts that Ivy will be able to help our Mr. Freeze’s wife, Harley affirms that. She just said that to buy them some time. Instead, she concocts a new plan: take Mr. Freeze’s wife as a hostage in exchange for his freeze ray. Solid plan, except that Mr. Freeze puts them on ice, or well, in ice, for the duration of their meal. He also brings out his wife, Nora, which infuriates Harley as she thinks that Mr. Freeze is making this all up and holding Nora hostage. She changes the plan so that they save Nora, then kill Mr. Freeze. 
  5. Wedding Venue Rivalry: Ivy and Kite Man arrive at the wedding venue… only to be bested out by Condiment King and his beau. Side note just to say that Condiment King is truly incredible. He and Kite Man engage in some tit-for-tat wordplay that ends in Condiment King squirting Kite Man with some mustard and ruining his suit. Truly savage.
  6. Lunch Date: Harley and her crew eat lunch with Mr. Freeze, and it’s about as awkward as you might imagine. Mr. Freeze tells the story of how he and Nora met, only pissing Harley off further. She goes off on a rant about how love is bullshit, clearly still not over some of her trauma with the Joker. Mr. Freeze goes off to get his spinach puffs from the oven, and while he does, the crew discovers that Clayface is able to get in and out of the ice. He defrosts Psycho and hands the gun to Harley, who defrosts herself and King Shark just as Mr. Freeze comes in with the piffs. She calls Mr. Freeze out on his bullshit and defrosts Nora… but turns out, it ain’t all bull. Nora really is suffering from a blood disease, and now Mr. Freeze wants a cure from Ivy. 
  7. The History of Corn: Speaking of Ivy, she and Kite Man try to impress the proprietor of the Corn Factory, but it isn’t going so well. Ivy has to leave after taking Harley’s call, leaving poor Kite Man to fend for himself. Poor Kite Man. 
  8. Ice Man Woke: Ivy tries to find a cure for Nora, while reprimanding Harley for dragging her into this mess in the first place. Harley says that it’s justified because Mr. Freeze organized the whole Injustice League’s vendetta on her and set her on ice, thus he deserves revenge. However, Mr. Freeze comes out with the truth: he put her on ice as a mercy, while the rest of the Injustice League wanted to kill her. Turns out, Mr. Freeze is pretty woke. However, because luck is usually on Harley’s side, Ivy may have found a cure. 
  9. Purple-ish Pink Flowers: Ivy calls Kite Man and interrupts his unsuccessful stalling of the interview to ask him for help. He gladly leaves, even though it means that he’ll lose out on the Corn Factory as a wedding venue. Ivy tells him which flowers she needs from her greenhouse, and Kite Man retrieves them… after successfully paralyzing himself with the wrong ones. Ivy mixes up a serum that will turn Mr. Freeze’s blood into a type suitable to give Nora a blood transfusion. The only catch? It’ll kill him in doing so. 
  10. An Act of Love: Mr. Freeze gallantly takes the consequence, knowing that curing his wife is worth more than his life. Harley thinks his act is insane, but Mr. Freeze explains that it isn’t, because if she truly loves someone, she will do anything for them. Ivy conducts the blood transfusion, successfully curing Nora while also successfully killing Mr. Freeze. Through this transaction, Harley realizes that what she had with the Joker wasn’t true love at all, and that one day she would like to realize what true love really is. Everyone offers their condolences to a grieving Nora, but she barks at them to get out and leave her alone. 
  11. A Minor Loss: Ivy apologizes to Kite Man for potentially losing the wedding venue, but Kite Man insists it doesn’t really matter, because he loves her. Granted, it isn’t totally pleasant to hear Condiment King brag about his conquest over the phone to Kite Man, but it’s good to know that Kite Man’s heart is ultimately in the right place.

Hope you all enjoyed Harley this week! Be sure to join us here next week for another all new episode and recap! Let us know what you think in the forum or the comments below.

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