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Happy Friday, everyone! Or should it be happy Harley day? This week’s episode focuses all about Harley’s need for a new crew. Given that no criminal organization will give her one, because sexism, she sets off on her own to acquire some unique candidates. Enter Dr. Psycho and Clayface! Let’s get into the episode below: 

  1. Da Svedanya Sucka!: Harley strikes out on her own in Russia, beating out KGBeast to score a warhead. However, she is easily thwarted when she cannot unlock the door with multiple keypads. In comes Joker with his gaggle of cronies to do the work for him and steal the warhead from right out of Harley’s hands. Figuratively, at least. Warhead acquired, he has his goons throw Harley out of the train, leaving her to trek back to Gotham on her own. After the situation, Harley understands that in order to get anywhere, she’ll need a crew. 
  2. The C-Word: Harley complains to Ivy over not having a crew, but Ivy insists she doesn’t need one. She insists that crews are overrated, and some very successful supervillains work alone. She points to Dr. Psycho on the TV as an example, where he is currently in the middle of taking on Wonder Woman. The battle seems to be going in his favor, up until he calls Wonder Woman a c***. With one word, he completely tarnishes his reputation, given the reaction of several bystanders and even Harley and Ivy. Harley insists that if he’d had a crew, they would have told him not to say that, and if she had a crew, she would use it to blackmail Gotham into naming a highway after her. Girl really wants a highway, and who can blame her?
  3. Finding a Crew: Harley visits UTI, the underground talent agency for hiring henchman. As she’s waiting for her appointment, Dr. Psycho exits with two consultants, who assures him the whole debacle will blow over with some positive PR. Once he’s gone, the consultants greet Harley and show her a variety of different henchmen that could suit her needs. Harley agrees to take all of them, but once the consultants discover she is no longer with the joker, they refuse to give her anything and all but kick her out. 
  4. Last Resort: Still determined to get a crew, Harley hits up a skeevy bar, hoping to get some henchmen on her side. However, as she’s a female, no one follows her. She takes a seat at the bar beside Dr. Psycho, who outrightly refuses to work for her. She expresses her annoyance to the bartender, who actually turns out to be Clayface in disguise. He and Dr. Psycho get into a small brawl, and while that’s going on, Kite Man enters the bar asking for men to follow him on a caper. The men immediately go after him, frustrating Harley to no end. 
  5. Maxie Zeus, Total Douche: After the bar, Harley returns home and complains to Ivy. She insists there’s got to be a way to attain a crew, but Ivy explains that no supervillain is going to give away their secrets to her. This gives Harley an idea, and she drags Ivy along to Maxie Zeus’ self-empowerment seminar: Do You Wanna Be a Supervillain? Ivy is not impressed by the guy’s schtick, but Harley loves his confidence and insistence that she can do anything. She goes to visit Maxie after the show, hoping to get some one-on-one advice. However, the only thing that Maxie is interested in is getting to sleep with her. Once she rejects him, he flips a switch and claims that she will never get a crew and nobody will work with her because she’s a girl. With zero patience for his bullshit, Harley insults him and leaves. 
  6. The Sad Tale of the Queen of Fables: Back at home, Harley tries to convince Ivy to work alongside her. At first, Ivy rejects because she has to ‘uphold her brand’, until Frank the plant calls her out and tells her to tell Harley the true reason. Ivy explains that there’s a glass ceiling for female supervillains, and that they’re tolerated as long as they don’t get too powerful. She continues on and tells a story about the Queen of Fables, a powerful sorceress from the 80s. The Queen of Fables was tired of being second best to the male supervillains and decided to wage war on Gotham by creating an army of fairytale characters. Ivy stops there and tells Harley to go find out what happened to her by speaking to the Queen herself. Harley ends up at a tax consultant agency and meets the Queen, only to discover that she’s been turned into a book. To punish the Queen for her actions, the Justice League trapped her in a tax book instead of just throwing her into Arkham. 
  7. A Second Try: After understanding a bit more of the sexist limits placed on female villains, Harley returns to Ivy. At first, she’s worried that Ivy doesn’t believe in her, but it’s quite the opposite, she just wanted her to understand the world she was up against. Confidence restored, Harley’s main takeaway is that she needs to find a crew that nobody believes in, so she can help them. They turn to the TV, where Dr. Psycho is on Tawny’s talk show with his wife and son. He makes the mistake of speaking for his wife, Giganta, which quickly spirals downward into calling her a c***. Harley meets him back at the bar, and after getting rejected from the LOD, he finally agrees to join her team, along with Clayface. 
  8. Sweet, Sweet Revenge: The three approach Maxie Zeus’ home, planning on stealing his gold medals. Using his method acting skills, Clayface turns into the mailman to cause a diversion while Harley and Dr. Psycho sneak into the house. Harley and Dr. Psycho have almost no trouble getting the medals, up until Clayface’s acting goes a little too far. He tried to convince Maxie that he is his long-lost son, but unfortunately Maxie doesn’t totally fall for it. Despite figuring them out, Harley and her crew quickly take down Maxie and show him that Harley’s crew is not to be messed with. They leave him battered and bruised atop one of his statues outside his house, where Tawny covers his defeat. Ivy and the Queen of Fables are impressed with Ivy, but the Joker gets angrier. Ivy commends Harley for succeeding at getting revenge. Harley reveals that she was able to trade Maxie’s medals for the warhead, which she used to blackmail the city into naming a highway after her. She shoots, she scores!

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