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Harley’s going back to college! Well, university. And she’s taking Ivy with her. In this gem of an episode, Harley and Ivy infiltrate Riddle U to get their revenge on the Riddler. While there, they run into Barbara Gordon (we know!) and try to figure out what’s been going on that’s causing the power shortages in the rest of Gotham. Intrigued? Read on for more!

  1. No Power: Thanks to the Riddler, most of Gotham has no electricity or running water. He’s sucked all the power right to his kitschy Riddler University, leaving everyone else stranded. Harley won’t stand for it and immediately concocts a plan to distribute power back to herself. She wants to sneak into the university with Ivy, and Clayface sees this as an excellent opportunity to transform into a college girl and use his acting skills. Harley and Ivy immediately veto that course of action and go with her original plan. Meanwhile, Dr. Psycho and King Shark set out on a mission to get a water filter. 
  2. A Thirst For Education: Outside of Riddle U, a mob of people demand to be let in, with no success. However, Harley and Ivy are able to sneak past the mob simply by using Kite Man to fly right over and into the school. Clad in makeup to hide their appearances, Harley and Ivy join a local school tour led by none other than Barbara Gordon. Also joining them is Stephanie, otherwise known as Clayface in disguise. Clayface has settled in well to the college atmosphere, blending in seamlessly. 
  3. Water Woes: Meanwhile, Dr. Psycho and King Shark have managed to obtain a water filter. It’s not long before they’re quickly accosted by Two Face’s goons, given that they’re on ‘his’ territory. The goons shoot at them mercilessly, leaving the two to come up with some way of escape. 
  4. Blending In: After the tour, Harley and Ivy pull Clayface aside and make him get intel on the Riddler’s whereabouts while they snoop around. Right after, Harley spies who she thinks is the Riddler and attacks him, only to be discouraged when it’s actually the Riddle U mascot. In the altercation, Harley’s makeup smudged and Barbara recognized her. Despite a chase, Barbara got away. 
  5. Daddy Dearest: Harley and Ivy find Barbara’s dorm room and gently tie her up so they can all talk. Barbara explains that she also wants someone to take down the Riddler, especially because students have been disappearing from the school and she thinks he’s behind it. Harley and Ivy decide to trust her, and it’s then that we learn that Barbara’s father, Jim Gordon, has been crashing with her in her room. After they distract him, Barbara notes that the Riddler keeps going to a frat house, where people go in but don’t come out. She has three wristbands to a party that evening and invites Harley and Ivy to join her, but they just take the wristbands and leave.  
  6. A Daring Escape: Back with Dr. Psycho and King Shark, the two remain surrounded and shot at by Two Face’s goons. Lucky for them, they find a car, and with Dr. Psycho at the wheel and King Shark shooting at the goons, they are able to make their escape. With the police on their tail, they’re on the loose!
  7. The VIP: Outside the Frat house, Harley and Ivy grab Clayface and give him the bracelet, only for him to reveal that he already has one; a VIP band. This band allows ‘Steph’ entrance to the secret room in the back, a room where Harley and Ivy aren’t allowed. However, Clayface is a little too wrapped up in his college persona, so Harley and Ivy have to snap him back to reality so he goes into the secret room. 
  8. We Need the Bat: Barbara tries to convince her father to go after the Riddler’s schemes, but Jim is insistent that he’s done with that life. He’s content to just laze about his daughter’s dorm room, drink beer, and watch TV. He says they need the bat, that he needs the bat. But this gives Barbara an idea, as she leaves him behind and goes to do some sleuthing on her own. 
  9. The Secret Room: Clayface has been gone for a while, so Harley and Ivy have to go after him. Harley takes down the bouncer when no one is looking and she and Ivy enter the VIP room. Deep inside, they find all of the missing students running on hamster wheels, fueling the power that’s keeping the University running. As soon as they’ve figured out his plan, the Riddler enters the picture and has his goonies snatch them up. Within minutes, Harley and Ivy are out of commission. 
  10. Bane Land: Dr. Psycho and King Shark continue their escape out of Two Face’s territory, but they soon find themselves out of the frying pan and into the oven; aka, Bane’s territory. The Bane goons are quick to intimidate them, and the two realize they’re outmatched against them. 
  11. A Secret Savior: Harley and Ivy are trapped on Riddler’s hamster wheels, and Clayface is too deep into his ‘Steph’ character to be of any help. Lucky for them, Barbara has arrived to save the day. Though it isn’t perfect, she is able to use her quick thinking to knock the Riddler out and free Harley and Ivy from the wheels. Harley and Ivy assist in taking the goons down, and once everyone’s out for the count, Barbara says she’ll call her dad to take them all to Arkham. Obviously, Harley and Ivy can’t let that happen and take Riddler for themselves.
  12. All's Well That Ends Well: Back in the lair, Harley puts Riddler to work, having him run on his own hamster wheel to bring them power. Dr. Psycho and King Shark finally arrive with the water filter, but with the power back on, it turns out that their whole mission was for nothing. Given that they had to get inducted into Bane’s army, they’re not too happy about that. Meanwhile Harley wonders what will happen to Barbara, but Ivy assures her that after the adrenaline wears off, she’ll move on from being a vigilante. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. With Batman gone, she makes herself a costume and becomes her own hero.

Hope you all enjoyed Harley this week! Be sure to join us here next week for another all new episode and recap! Let us know what you think in the forum or the comments below.

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