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Harley Quinn debuted to a select audience at San Diego Comic Con 2019 on Saturday night July 20th. The pilot was preceded by a special message from Kaley Cuoco herself who couldn't be more excited to show off the new show. Simply put, this show is unlike anything you've ever seen. Don't expect anything like Young Justice (the other original animated show on DC Universe). This show is easily TVMA! The premise of the show is about Harley Quinn separating herself from the Joker and going out to make a name for herself in the criminal world. Her ultimate goal is to catch the eye of the Legion of Doom. Can she do it?

Much of the pilot explores the motivation for the series, why does Harley want to make a name for herself. The manner in which we discover this is through hilarious, gratuitous violence, a dash of gore and a double helping of adult language! THIS IS NOT A SHOW FOR CHILDREN! There is also a lot of heart in the show as well. Harley Quinn [the show] trades in romantic love for the love of a friend [at least in what we've seen so far]. For DC Comic fans, this show is a perfect appetite cleanser. You'll get to see A LOT of your favorite characters but in a way you've never seen them before! Our recommendation, this is for everyone who loves DC and wants a good laugh!

This section recounts much of what the Executive Producers said at the panel Saturday night. Much more here can be considered spoiler than before so be careful reading ahead.

After the pilot, a few executive producers stepped out on stage and gave us some inside info. Interestingly enough, this show has been in the works for three years! It was greenlit when Geoff Johns was still at DC Comcs. The executive producers were given only one directive, make it funny. The entire library of DC Comics characters is at their disposal! Don't believe us? Wait until you see Kiteman in the preview video! Other characters hinted at include, Black Manta, Aquaman, Lex Luthor and a heavy focus on Bane. There is a side quest in this show to discover what the day-to-day life of Bane is like. Does he have a coffee barista that he hates everyday?

Harley won't be alone either. She is working to get her own criminal organization put together. Fans can expect to see her have her whole team by around episode 4. Additionally, Dean Lorey, who was a producer on Arrested Development, is working on this show. He has been able to push for multiple recording sessions when the cast is able. This means that the voice actors can actually play off each other rather than deliver lines without the opposite side.

Creatively the show is not like Batman the Animated Series. The show is bright and reflects Harley's view of Gotham. It isn't dark and gloom but rather her playground! Harley has a best friend too, Poison Ivy. Their relationship is described as Harley is Ferris Bueller and Ivy is the logic focused Cameron Frye. As of this post, half of the show has already been animated and recorded!

Finally we have to talk about the F-Bomb. Because this is an adult-oriented show, we aren't going to shy away from it. In the pilot there were 21 "Fuck"s said. That comes out to one a minute in a 30 minute show [with commercials]. They are shocking at first due to the cartoon content but they are used pretty hilariously. The Executive Producers have promised to keep it to 8 an episode going forward! Now lets get to the exclusive comic con preview! Watch it below:

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