Harley Quinn Season 2 Premiere Spoiler-Free Review

After a short break following Season One, Harley Quinn is back for Season two and kicking ass even harder than before! We’ve seen the first episode and we’re here to give you our first impressions. To maintain the excitement for everyone, we’ll be keeping this review spoiler-free. For those who like spoilers, make sure to check back on April 3rd, where we’ll post a full recap of the episode.

Season Two picks up exactly where the Season One finale left off, give or take a week. We won’t go into the specifics, but rest assured— Gotham’s still in complete and utter chaos. With the Joker gone and the Legion of Doom destroyed, there’s no longer any system of crime by which to follow. The scene is set for Harley to take the city for her own, the problem is, will she take it? Plenty of familiar faces return for the episode, charming the viewers with their different personalities. A new character also joins the cast, and makes quite a chilly impression, if you catch our drift.

‘New Gotham’ sets up a pretty interesting direction for the remainder of the season. While Harley is no longer obsessing over the Joker, there’s plenty of other obstacles and challenges in her path to becoming Queen Bee of Gotham. More than that, while we never want Harley to change her personality, we hope that the lessons learned from last season stick with her and help her to become a more mature character. With more villains (and heroes, such as Batgirl) popping up throughout the season, they’re definitely going to test Harley and her crew, that’s for sure. On the side of romance, the trailer teased a potential romance with her and Ivy, which we’re incredibly intrigued in watching play out. We adore Kite Man, and his relationship with Ivy, but… we can’t deny the chemistry between Harley and Ivy, either.

Overall, the episode maintains the same sharp, hilariously vulgar humor from the first season. The level of violence also remains the same, if not amped up entirely. Much of it is played for laughs, but it paints a realistic picture of what would really happen when a city so prone to crime falls under total dysfunction. We anticipate that the tone will remain the same, at least based off what we saw in the first episode. The show remains a funny, quirky, and bad-ass watch, and we couldn’t recommend it more!

We'll be back on Friday with our recap! Meanwhile, let us know what you think in the forum or the comments below.

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