Harley Quinn Highway Recap

Happy Friday, and happy weekend release day for the Birds of Prey movie! Have you guys seen it yet? We’re super excited as we’ve heard nothing but amazing things. While you go on and get your tickets, let’s talk about this week’s awesome episode of Harley Quinn! With Ivy in danger, Harley gets some of her shit together and goes to rescue her. Also, we see the Harley Quinn Highway for the first time, and jury’s still out on whether we want to take a ride or not. Read our full recap below:

  1. A Daring Escape: In the middle of her transport to surgery, Ivy manages to gain consciousness just long enough to attack the two guards transporting her. Despite being extremely fatigued and unable to see straight, she puts up a good fight and manages to find the exit. Unfortunately for her, Scarecrow has gotten wind of her escape attempt and stops her by injecting her with another sedative. 
  2. Reuniting the Crew: Harley scopes out the facility keeping Ivy, but Frank tells her it’ll be impossible to go at it alone. She will need more crew members. Hence, the Harley Quinn Apology Tour! She goes to each of her former crew members and sincerely apologizes to them for her wrongdoings, but they aren’t quite buying it. However, the moment they hear that Ivy’s been kidnapped, they agree to work with Harley for the sake of saving Ivy.
  3. Pretzel Wrapped Weiners for All: With Sy at the wheel of a pretzel wrapped weiner truck, the gang heads to the facility. They manage to make it inside and knock out some guards to steal their hazmat suits. Meanwhile, Scarecrow has harvested a scary amount of Ivy’s pheromones to use for a future project. Obviously, he refuses to tell her what the pheromones will be used for, and uses a special ‘vegan blend’ of poison to eliminate her for good. Harley and Co. burst onto the scene, but Dr. Psycho worries that the toxin is destroying Ivy’s brain. While Sy protects the rest of the group’s bodies, Harley, Psycho, Clayface and King Shark enter Ivy’s brain to do some damage control. 
  4. Biggest Fears: Ivy’s brain has been mega warped by the fear toxin and is now made up of her biggest fears. Thanks to helpful plot-device Frank, Harley and Co. learn that they need to destroy Ivy’s biggest fear in order to restore her brain to normal. They battle through a variety of her fears before finding the ultimate one… Harley herself! While Harley wrestles with that, the crew is zapped back to their bodies and greeted with a mass carnage of dead guards. Sy really did protect them!
  5. The Harley Quinn Highway: With Ivy awake, Harley tries to ask why she’s her biggest fear, but Ivy has bigger things on her plate. Namely, the pheromones that Scarecrow stole and will use to destroy Gotham. The crew races outside and watches as their former transport is towed away. Lucky for them, Sy is (disgustingly) able to transform himself into a vehicle. With a vehicle acquired, the crew follows Scarecrow and his trucks on Harley Quinn Highway, a zany, rollercoaster-esque highway designed by Harley herself when she threatened to nuke the city. 
  6. Emotional Confrontation: While Harley and Ivy take down the trucks, Harley tries to get Ivy to explain why she is her biggest fear. Ivy admits that her fear comes from Harley ditching her for the Joker, who consistently treats her like shit, thus proving that Harley will never change. It’s well-deserved, to be honest. Their confrontation is cut short by a loop which sends Harley falling, but Clayface is able to catch her. Ivy takes out all but one of the remaining trucks on her own and is rescued by Harley and the crew. Once Harley acquires a bazooka, she aims to take out Scarecrow’s truck, but not before apologizing to Ivy and admitting that she is right about everything. She then blows up a statue of herself, stopping Scarecrow in his tracks. 
  7. Uh Oh: However, Scarecrow isn’t letting the plan die. He swerves past the statue and into the water by Gotham park, polluting the water supply with Ivy’s pheromones. The pheromones then infect the trees, which start to wreak havoc on the city and eat every person in their path. Not good, not good at all. 

Hope you all enjoyed Harley this week! Be sure to join us here next week for another all new episode and recap! Let us know what you think in the forum or the comments below.

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