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We know, the hype for today’s episode has been super high. Why? Because of Gotham’s lil sweet potato pie, of course! This week, we get up close and personal with Damian Wayne, who claims to be Harley’s new nemesis. Harley isn’t so pleased with this development, and we don't blame her. As usual, things get a little crazy. Here’s what went down

  1. Home Destruction: Despite Ivy’s attempts to keep her apartment clean, Harley and her crew render that nearly impossible. They return after a successful bank heist with a big load of cash, which Harley uses to bribe Ivy after breaking her glass coffee table. Despite the success of the heist, no one on the news is talking about it. Instead, the news focuses on Batman’s takedown of the Joker. Ivy doesn’t understand Harley’s frustration, given that they should want to stay anonymous. However, Harley disagrees and insists that she needs a nemesis, someone to foil their crimes and get them the coverage that they need. 
  2. Enter King Shark!: As Harley and her crew attempt to find a nemesis through a website, Ivy’s landlord shows up and threatens to evict her if she can’t keep the place clean. Ivy scolds Psycho and Clayface as they’re the main perpetrators, but they’re soon interrupted by the arrival of King Shark. A tech genius, he arrived upon Clayface’s request to help sort out their nemesis situation. He fixes up their online profile, but also advises them that they won’t be finding any A-list nemeses via website. Not one to be discouraged, Harley decides to take things into her own hands. 
  3. Rockin’ Robin: To get Batman’s attention, Harley steals the Batmobile and takes it on a joyride. However, while she has Batman’s attention, he isn’t the one who’s come to stop her. As soon as she meets up with her crew, Harley is accosted by Robin, aka Damian Wayne. She’s disappointed at his arrival, and despite Robin’s fighting words, she quickly puts him in his place. Literally. However, it’s Robin who has the final say. Later, on Tawny’s talk show, he claims that he is Harley’s new nemesis, much to her frustration. Robin totally milks the attention, playing right into the role of ‘Gotham’s Sweet Potato Pie’. We love this portrayal of Damian, it’s hilarious and quite different from his usual character. 
  4. A Bone to Pick: Despite Harley thinking that the debacle will blow off, King Shark tells her otherwise. Louis Lane has published an article all about Harley and her new nemesis, claiming that by picking a child, she is setting the evil women’s movement back by decades. In her anger, Harley concocts a new plan: kidnap Lois and make her retract the article. Ivy warns her that she can’t mess around with Lois Lane, but Harley is eager for Superman’s involvement, hoping that he will become her new nemesis. 
  5. Lois Almighty: Lois Lane is completely unphased by Harley’s ‘kidnapping’ and refuses to retract the article and write a fluff piece about her. Harley threatens to kill her, but Lois tells her to go ahead. Of course, seconds later, Superman shows up. Harley quickly tells King Shark to livestream the fight while she tries to egg Superman on. However, she doesn’t get too far. Robin arrives to face his new ‘nemesis’, rendering the whole thing moot. 
  6. It’s a Boy: Harley and Co arrive back at Ivy’s, where the entire apartment is decorated akin to a baby shower. It’s a cruel prank by the Joker, who congratulates Harley on ‘robin’ the cradle’ in picking her new nemesis. Fed up with the whole situation, Harley decides to settle things once and for all. She sets up an elaborate ruse in which she kidnaps Robin and hangs him over a pool, where King Shark is waiting to ‘eat him’. Harley asks him to tell the truth, but Robin refuses because he’s ‘Gotham’s Sweet Potato Pie’ and the people will believe anything he says. A curtain falls, revealing Tawny and her live studio audience; it was all a setup. 
  7. The Truth, Revealed: Harley clears the air with Tawny, affirming that Robin is not her nemesis and ousting his lies to the public. Robin accepts defeat, but a chronic nosebleed makes an appearance, dripping into the pool and igniting King Shark’s animalistic instincts. Shark goes feral, actually trying to attack Robin while the boy screams for his father’s help. Lucky for him, Batman arrives on the scene and uses a spay to turn King Shark back to normal. He then turns on Harley, insisting that he’ll put her in Arkham for good. Meanwhile, Joker has just finished a bank heist, but there is no Batman there to stop him. One of his crones pulls out his phone, only to find that Batman is busy fighting Harley on Tawny’s show. 
  8. Batman vs. Harley: As Harley gets the crap kicked out of her, Ivy watches from home. Given that Harley is not a match for Batman, Ivy swoops in to the rescue at Tawny’s studio, annoyed at always having to clean up Harley’s messes. Tawny tries to play into that but fails, prompting Ivy to take the mic and clear up a few myths about environmentalism. It provides just enough time for Batman to escape Ivy’s hold and start attacking the two of them. Fun fact, everyone is watching this go down from home. Prisoners from Arkham, Lois and Superman on their sushi date, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Penguin, you name it. Just as Harley and Ivy get into a groove, Joker arrives, livid with Harley for trying to steal his nemesis. The four fight for a while before Joker kidnaps Robin and Batman goes after him, ending the fight for good. 
  9. Eviction: Back at the apartment, Ivy bestows more advice on Harley, telling her to just keep heisting and the right nemesis will come at the right time. Harley agrees, and promises to take more consideration about Ivy’s apartment. In fact, her crew cleans up as she’s speaking. However, it’s not good enough. Ivy’s landlord arrives with an eviction notice, claiming that by having a pet (King Shark), she’s in violation of her lease. Needless to say, Ivy is furious. 
  10. A Fatherly Lesson: Over at the Batcave, Batman tries to cheer Robin up over losing his nemesis. He tells Robin that he wants his first nemesis to be special, one that he can imagine fighting with for the rest of his life. Robin agrees, and quickly asks when he can start having sex. Unfortunately for him, Batman isn’t quite ready to bestow this advice, and quickly vanishes. 

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