Devil’s Snare Recap

Happy Valentine’s Day, readers! What better way to celebrate than by watching the newest episode of Harley Quinn? Trust us, so much serious stuff goes down in the penultimate episode, you do not want to miss it. With Joker’s plan to ruin Gotham well in place, how on earth is Harley, Ivy and the crew meant to stop him? And ultimately, do they stop him? Read on to find out.

  1. It’s Alive!: This episode kicks off right where the last one left off, with the evil trees alive and destroying Gotham City. Even Ivy can’t control them, as the trees have mutated past the point of her powers. With no plan, Harley and Ivy run back towards the crew, nearly losing some of them in the process.
  2. Be Prudent, Jim Gordon: Jim watches the wreckage from above, utterly disgusted. He wants to end things once and for all by bombing the park, but Batman insists that there are civilians down there and frequently arriving, both anticipating Jazz-Fest and being lured by Scarecrow’s fear-toxin. Batman instructs Gordon to get the civilians out, but without the use of tanks.
  3. League to the Rescue: While Harley, Ivy and the crew do their best at wrangling the trees, it’s not good enough. Lucky for them, the Justice League arrives and lends a helping hand. Sort of. They also round up the gang and banish them to the Phantom Zone, blaming them for the evil trees. Luckily, Ivy thinks quick on her feet and wraps Wonder Woman’s truth lasso around her, admitting that they are not behind the chaos in the park (and a bunch of other, mildly embarrassing stuff).
  4. Return of the Queen: Superman closes the portal to the Phantom Zone and asks who is behind this attack, but he gets his answer in the form of a fairytale book. Uh oh. Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern and Superman are all sucked into the book, courtesy of the Queen of Fables. Harley thinks the Queen did them a solid, up until the Queen tosses a magic bean at them and sends them flying away on a beanstalk. 
  5. On Top of the World: Needless to say, Harley and Co. are pissed at being banished to atop a beanstalk. Clayface wonders if Fables did them a solid, given what’s going on down in the park, but things are never quite what they seem. Out comes a giant, ready to inflict pain on the group. They all try to come up for an idea of how to get down, but ultimately Ivy is the one with the winner. Enter: Kite Man! 
  6. Kite Man!: Harley wants to know why Ivy has Kite Man’s number memorized, and Ivy begrudgingly admits that she’s dating him. Harley is shocked, but no one else is, only serving to display Harley’s self-centeredness. They don’t get too much further into the discussion as Kite Man arrives to rescue them from atop the beanstalk. Despite a crash landing, everyone makes it back down to Gotham, safe and sound. 
  7. Twists and Turns: Batman contacts Gordon for an update as he’s unable to get ahold of the Justice League. Much to Batman’s dismay, Gordon has gone ahead with the tanks and prepares to take out the trees. However, he isn’t able to fulfil his plan as Harley kicks him out of the tank and takes it for herself. After her crew loads up, they head for the Legion of Doom headquarters. Convinced that they’re the ones who started the whole thing, Harley intends to blow it up for good. Before she can fire the missile, the headquarters blows up, and up comes Joker’s new headquarters, ready for action. Is anyone truly surprised here? It’s no wonder that Joker is the one truly behind the whole plot. 
  8. Joke’s On You: Turns out, Joker is pissed at the LOD and concocted this plan just because they let Harley in. He proceeds to cause chaos in Gotham, and King Shark mentions that they’re totally screwed. (We’ve never loved him more.) Joker and the Queen of Fables celebrate their success, up until Joker realizes that Harley is still alive. While Fables goes to kill them for real, Joker completely takes over Gotham City. 
  9. A Bold Move: Harley and her crew decide that they need to get the trees away from the tower so that they can take down Joker. While Clayface puts forth one of his unique ideas, Ivy spies a hose full of the plant serum and decides to use it on herself to lure the trees away. Kite Man takes this opportunity to propose to Ivy, and obviously, she says they’ll come back to that later. Once she’s ingested the serum, Ivy turns giant and begins to wreck the evil trees. 
  10. Meet Grandma: With the trees distracted, Harley and Co. run to the tower’s entrance. However, they’re confronted by Fables, who sicks the big bad wolf on them. The wolf chases down the crew, but Harley is able to take him down and surprise Fables, decapitating her with one swing of her baseball bat. With Fables defeated and the trees (mostly) taken down, the crew claims a small victory.
  11. The Fall of a Great: Harley and Ivy share a brief moment after Ivy rescued her from a tree, and we love to see it. The two make amends, and all is well… until a harpoon shoots straight through Ivy’s chest. We reserved all our hate for the Joker for this very moment. As Harley screams and her crew looks on in shock and terror, Ivy collapses to the ground and shrinks back down to normal size. Harley begs her to stay with her, but Ivy says she can’t and dies, the grass beneath her blooming with flowers soon after. Everyone is devastated by her death, especially Harley and Kite Man. As the Joker laughs maniacally, Harley screams in despair, and all that’s left to say is… what the hell is supposed to come next?

Hope you all enjoyed Harley this week! Be sure to join us here next week for another all new episode and recap! Let us know what you think in the forum or the comments below.

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