Bensonhurst Recap

It’s Friday, arguably one of the best days of the week, and only made better by the addition of a new Harley episode! This week, Harley travels back home

  1. Funemployment: King Shark, Dr. Psycho and Clayface enjoy their time at an amusement park without Harley, much to the gymnast’s dismay. Bane enters Harley’s office and tries to offer some support, but it quickly goes downhill when they realize she wasn’t invited to Black Manta’s beach lair that weekend. Back at her lair, she’s not much better. She’s in full breakup mode, ice cream and fuzzy blanket to boot. After a failed text to Ivy, Hallucination!Harley pops up to offer a bit of advice. She suggests returning to someone who will always love her unconditionally: her mother. 
  2. The Quinzels: In a delightfully creepy 90s sitcom-esque montage, we see the Quinzels. In short, there’s Harley, her formerly obese mother, her crime-doing father and her deceased brother. Not exactly a full-house. 
  3. Dandelion Help: Ivy wakes up strapped to a table, greeted by a man in a hazmat suit. She has no clue where she is, which seems to be the intention. Ivy tries bargaining with hazmat man for her release, appealing to his softer side; he’s a kindergarten teacher, and gooning apparently is a side-gig. Unfortunately, he’s unable to let her go in fear of his goon-rating dropping to three stars and leaves to take a phone call. As he leaves, he picks up and blows a white dandelion. Lucky for Ivy, one of the seeds makes its way through an air vent and right to Ivy’s grasp. She turns the seed into a full dandelion and asks for its help in contacting Harley. 
  4. Second Place: Meanwhile, Harley rants to her mother about all her Legion of Doom problems. Like a true mother, Sharon wishes that Harley would return to being a psychologist and do crime-work on the weekends, but Harley disagrees. She makes her way to her trophies and gets a glimpse of her second place championship trophy. As it turns out, Harley could have made it big and was a runner for the Olympics… if only her dad hadn’t made her throw the competition. Harley describes the day as the worst day of her life, and honestly, we don’t blame her. Unfortunately for her, it turns out that her dad is back in the picture as her mother got back together with him when he got out of jail. Way to go, Sharon. 
  5. Totally Stoned: Frank the plant is hanging out with Chaz the stoner when the dandelion enters. Frank quickly goes to action, asking Chaz to drive him to Bensonhurst, Brooklyn in order to get Harley’s help. 
  6. An Awkward Family Dinner: During dinner, Sharon attempts to set Harley up with a man, but Harley refuses and remains cold towards her dad, Nick. She continuously texts Ivy, but given that Ivy’s tied up at the moment, she’s unable to respond. Nick attempts to tell Harley that he’s reformed, but like hell is she about to believe him. She refuses his apology and remains firm in her grudge. Nick points to Harley’s grandmother, who’s just glad to see her given that she has brain cancer and doesn’t have much time left to live. She barely utters her diagnosis before she’s shot right in the head, taking her out completely. Harley recognizes the attack and sure enough, it’s an assassin trying to take them out. 
  7. Messing With the Mob: Using her quick thinking, Harley stages the deaths of herself and her family to trick the assassin. With his guard down, she attacks him and attempts to pry information out of him, but Nick kills him before she can. He reveals that the mob is likely after him as he owes them a lot of money. He decides to confront them, and Harley comes along to make sure they won’t kill her mother when her dad screws up. She attacks the three mobsters when they arrive, and thanks to her dad’s gymnastics coaching, has a fairly easy time of it. Nick apologizes for costing Harley the championship and the two share a sweet moment; up until the chef comes out and shoots at them, that is. Harley manages to take the chef out, but Nick loses a thumb in the process. 
  8. Honey’s the Deal: Frank wakes up in Mexico, where Chaz the dealer has taken them in order to score some hallucinogenic honey. Rightfully, Frank is pissed as they’re supposed to be in Brooklyn getting Harley. While Chaz goes on a honey trip, Frank takes over the wheel and races to Brooklyn. 
  9. Ripping the Bandaid: Back at the lab, Gus the kindergarten teacher reads all of Harley’s texts to Ivy. Ivy wants to say goodbye to her, but Gus insists that their friendship is toxic and it’s better to end it. Against Ivy’s wishes, he texts Harley that their friendship is over and she should leave her alone. 
  10. A Sudden Change: Back in Brooklyn, Harley and her family are having a touching dinner when she gets the text from ‘Ivy’. She’s pretty bummed out about it, up until her grandfather comes in with a bottle of wine. The happy reunion doesn’t last long through, as he’s taken out just as quickly as her grandmother was. Another assassin enters the home, and Harley wastes no time in killing her. Before she can wonder too much about the mob, she’s shot in her side… by her father. As it turns out, he tipped off the assassins for a fee to collect the huge bounty on Harley’s head. Some family drama is peppered in the mix, but before that gets too severe, the attack on Harley continues, with both her parents turned on her. She declares that they aren’t her family and aren’t even worth the kill before leaving the house. As she stumbles out, Frank pulls up and asks what happened to her. Before she can say anything, she blacks out. 
  11. Mission: Rescue Ivy: Harley wakes up in the car to Hallucination!Harley. She’s disappointed with her circumstances and is upset that Ivy no longer wants to be her friend, but Frank cuts in and says that’s complete bull, given that Ivy’s been kidnapped and they need to save her. Back at the lab, Ivy’s doctor has arrived as it’s time for her ‘harvesting’. She demands he show his face, and to her surprise, it’s Scarecrow. 
  12. Credit Card Woes: Over at Black Manta’s lair, Bane finds Joshua, Penguin’s nephew. He has the bills from his credit card (which he’s apparently in charge of), and apparently Joshua was the one who put down the one million dollar bounty on Harley’s head as revenge for ruining his Bar Mitzvah. Bane gives him a lesson in maturity, which Joshua seems to understand. A touching moment to end a very tense episode!

Hope you all enjoyed Harley this week! Be sure to join us here next week for another all new episode and recap! Let us know what you think in the forum or the comments below.

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