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Happy Harley Friday fellow DC Universe fans! Today we are recapping Being Harley Quinn, episode five of this fun and definitely not safe for kids look into the Clown Princess' journey to the top! Today's episode featured a hunt for a new lair, a deep dive into Harley's psyche and an unofficial attempted murder! Just like all the other episodes so far, this one seems to be funnier than the last! With all the references to different movie rules and jokes between hookers and strippers, here's what stood out to us:

  1. My Nips and Her Buds: Now that Harley has a crew and is making a name for herself, she needs an appropriate lair to plan her criminal misdeeds. Oddly enough, there is a real-estate broker who just so happens to have access to many different villain lairs! Going from Moleman's underground network all the way to Mr. Freeze's frozen palace, Harley just can't seem to find the right fit. When the broker pushes Harley to answer at least one question about herself, it causes Harley's psyche to break. She has a "level 4 brainfreeze" according to Dr. Psycho!
  2. Hooker Rules: Inside Harley's mind, Dr. Psycho sets forth some pretty intense rules! Hooker rules! To which Ivy says "no kissing on the mouth?". That wasn't quite right, so instead it's Stripper rules! "Look but don't touch." As Dr. Psycho goes to find the manual brain reboot switch, Harley and Ivy tour the museum of memories. They come upon Harley's origin story and notice something is missing. Harley reaches into the memory to find out why it's missing something and all hell breaks loose.
  3. Nightmare on Elm Street Rules: In a full on Brain Break, Harley's mind views the team as intruders. Mini young Harleys start attacking the team. Dr. Psycho reveals that if they die in Harley's mind, they die in real life! When the team accidentally goes to the optic nerve, we learn that Sy is going to take their bodies to a furnace he owns and burn their bodies. The team must head to Harley's subconscious to find a way out!
  4. 11 Year Old Frankie Muniz: Harley's true love turns out to be a poster of Frankie Muniz. Her mind sends a vision of him to get the crew out of the subconscious. Sy just then, gets the teams' bodies to his underground mall/furnace. Before Harley can leave to safety, she is drawn to repressed memory island. She is determined to discover the error in her origin story.
  5. Eternal Sunshine Rules: It turns out that Harley made the choice to become Harley Quinn. She was always in control. It was easier to blame the Joker than living up to her choices. Harley then reinvents her origin story to be when Harley finally left the Joker in episode 1.
  6. Puru All Over Again: The team wakes up just in time to escape Sy's furnace. The Mall that Sy uses turns out to be the best lair for Harley's new crew. She agrees to rent it from Sy for a dollar a month. Sy agrees so long as he can come along once in a while!

Hope you all enjoyed Harley this week! Be sure to join us here next week for another all new episode and recap! Let us know what you think in the forum or the comments below.

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