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Harley Quinn strikes again with another hilarious episode. I mean, this is pretty much the norm for the season, but this episode is one of our favorites. This week, hot off her breakup with the Joker, Harley tries to prove how she’s moved on to the Legion of Doom. She intercepts Joker’s calendar and sneaks into a top secret meeting… only to realize that it takes place during the Penguin’s nephew’s Bar Mitzvah. Intrigued? Read all the details below!

  1. Hot Gossip: Turns out, even villains have idle chats over coffee in the break room. Scarecrow and Bane. While the latter is more focused on breaking Batman and destroying Gotham, Scarecrow is more interested over the hot gossip. He’s about to mention Harley and Joker’s breakup, only for Joker to enter the break room himself, in quite a chipper mood. He finds it hilarious that people are saying that Harley dumped him, and ‘wishes her well’. Right. 
  2. Poor Howie: Meanwhile, over at Ivy’s, Harley and Ivy prepare to watch their favorite talk show host, Howie Mandel. However, the show doesn’t get very far. Much to the girls’ dismay, Joker has entered the show and strapped multiple bombs to Howie’s chest. Under this threat, Joker turns the breakup in his favor, claiming that he dumped Harley and respected her wishes to go into complete anonymity. This enrages Harley, even though Ivy assures her that the Joker’s only doing this to bait her. With his message sent, Joker starts the timer on Howie’s bomb and in her anger, Harley breaks Ivy’s TV. Harley is justifiably upset that the Joker wants her to fade into obscurity, and despite Ivy’s attempts to calm her down and assure her that she shouldn’t care what others think, Harley doesn’t listen. Instead, in order to prove how ‘over’ the Joker she is, she intercepts his calendar and finds an event going on with the Legion of Doom so she can prove it. She begs Ivy to come with her, even though she is vehemently against this plan. Lucky for Harley, Ivy is eventually swayed and joins along on this ridiculous mission. 
  3. Ballin at a Bar Mitzvah: With Ivy and a cheetah in tow, Harley arrives to the Gotham Mint, strutting her stuff and prepared to make a hell of an impression. Much to both her and Ivy’s disappointment, the event isn’t so much an evil gathering, but more a Bar Mitzvah. Penguin’s nephew’s Bar Mitzvah, to be specific. Ivy wants to leave, but Harley is determined to prove to the Legion members present that she’s doing well and kicking ass. Ivy relents but asks Harley not to leave her alone. Of course, she does, leaving Ivy wide open to Kite Man’s attention. 
  4. A Meeting with the Legion: As Joker builds a new lair with a clueless construction crew, Bane gives him a call and informs him of Harley’s arrival to the Bar Mitzvah. When that’s finished, Harley arrives at the Legion’s table, greeting Bane, Scarecrow and Two-Face. The three enjoy her humorous jokes, up until Joker arrives to put a damper on everything. Harley tries to get them to ditch Joker and join her side but is immediately laughed away. She takes a seat at Joshua’s ‘best friends table’, which turns out to be quite the mistake. 
  5. A New Heist: Kite Man continues to flirt with a very uninterested Ivy, trying to entice her into doing a heist with him. Lucky for Ivy, Harley cuts in and drags her away, ranting her frustrations over the members of the Legion of Doom. Ivy wants to leave the Bar Mitzvah, but Harley is determined to impress the Legion and prove her worth. She decides to rob the Gotham Mint, something Ivy advises her not to do. The Gotham Mint is impenetrable, and they’re so confident of the fact that they rented out the atrium to the Legion of Doom. Despite this fact, Harley insists on doing so anyway. As she leaves to do so, Ivy is soon accosted by a bunch of lovestruck preteen boys. Turns out, Kite Man stole her ‘love potion’ and used it on the kids, which is quite dangerous as the poison will turn the kids into plants and then kill them. 
  6. Joshua Bucks: Harley does pretty well at robbing the Gotham Mint. Up until she realizes that the guards were all rented and the money is fake. Turns out, it was all set up so Joshua could enact his first heist. While she was figuring this out, Ivy and Kite Man team up to get the antidote from Ivy’s apartment, given that the boys are already starting to turn into plants. Harley is embarrassed by being caught in the act, but before she can get away, Penguin knocks her unconscious with a sedative dart. 
  7. Becoming a Man: Over at Ivy’s apartment, things take a hilariously wrong turn when Kite Man expects to have sex with Ivy. He thought that by going back to her place, they were going on a date. Talk about a case of mixed messages. Ivy grabs the antidote and tells him to get dressed so they can get back to what she was originally trying to do. Meanwhile, Harley wakes up strapped to a chair with everyone watching her. As revenge against Harley, Penguin bids Joshua to become a man by using his umbrella to kill her. However, Harley is smarter than a thirteen year old boy. She intimidates him until he ends up in tears, leaving his mom to wonder if buying him a dollhouse was the better idea. Penguin vows to kill Harley himself, only for Ivy and Kite Man to come to her rescue. 
  8. One Last Battle: Joker gives Harley one last ultimatum: either admit she’s nothing without him, or lose her life. Of course she does nothing of the sort, and she, Ivy and Kite Man (sort of) fight off Two Face, Scarecrow and Bane. They’re outmatched, and while Ivy wants to leave, Harley sees Joker recording the entire thing and wants to stay and fight. She appeals to his crew, asking if they’re going to let the Joker continue to bully them, because that’s all he is: a bully. Miraculously, it works, and Bane momentarily turns on him. Joker goes to attack Harley himself, but Ivy prevents anything from happening. The situation is cut short when Joker receives a call from the construction crew, and he puts everything on hold so he can attend to those matters. With everything done, Harley and Ivy leave the Bar Mitzvah, gift bags in tow. 
  9. Kiss of Life: Harley and Ivy relax in Ivy’s apartment after the Bar Mitzvah, with Harley resolved more than ever to get into the Legion of Doom. Once she’s decided that, Ivy remembers the tree-boys now stuck in her apartment, and gives them the antidote via kiss. All’s well that ends well!

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