There's No Place to Go But Down Recap

Talk about a game-changing episode! So many story and character-based elements are going to change from here on out. After getting caught by Bane and Two-Face in the prior episode, it’s time to see what happens when you cross two of the most deadly villains in Batman’s rogues gallery. Read on to the recap below!

  1. Trial By Fire: Harley and Ivy are put on trial for the murder of the Penguin by Two-Face and Bane with the latter is acting as the judge for this hearing. While Bane promises to give the duo a fair, unbiased chance, Two-Face decides to go the opposite direction and give Harley and Ivy the incomprehensible Man-Bat as their lawyer. Despite Harley wishing for Ivy to allow her to take the blame with her marriage coming up, Ivy sticks up for her best friend out of sheer loyalty despite the consequences. Bane finds the defendants guilty and sentences them to life in prison.
  2. Indirect Father/Daughter Bonding: Commissioner Gordon and Batgirl, the former still unaware of the latter’s identity, are searching throughout the dark sewers for Ratcatcher. Upon finding the nefarious foe, Batgirl orders her slovenly father to stay put while she does a quick look around the parameter before setting in an attack plan. Gordon then proceeds to accidentally drop a flask which catches the attention of Ratcatcher who sends his army of rats to devour him alive. Falling into the murky waters of the sewer, Batgirl disappointedly helps her father get out while he vehemently denies the flask is his despite his name being branded on it.
  3. Pit-y Party: Our two sentenced protagonists are being escorted to their new home with Harley worried by the fact that Kite-Man doesn’t even know his fiance is being imprisoned. Confident that they can break out of Arkham Asylum with ease, the two friends exit the vehicle only to be surprised by a gargantuan pit. Bane, now acting as a prison warden as well, reveals that the pit is their new home in the form of a rehabilitation center. Harley and Ivy refuse to go down the pit, but the ever-so sympathetic warden just shoves the two down there with minimal effort.
  4. Home Is Not Where The Heart Is: Bane explains to the two new prisoners that their new home is a place for redemption and not somewhere for them to rot for eternity. With other iconic adversaries from the Batman rogues gallery like Killer Croc and Mister Zsasz also incacipated there, Harley and Ivy are placed in an open-door cell as Bane explains that no matter where they go, they’re still going to be stuck in the pit. Ivy begins to worry as she finally has someone she truly loves and now cannot even get the chance to tie the knot with him now. Harley assures her close friend that everything will be alright and they’ll find a way to escape.
  5. Ambushed at Dinnertime: Commissioner Gordon and Barbara, the former eating a revolting supper of pasta mixed with mayonnaise and bourbon, are discussing how the latter wants her father to clean up her act. Gordon believes that he’s at his best despite his alcohol obsession and manic attitude. When Gordon finally starts to consider relenting at the sake of his daughter, the family’s house is suddenly riddled by bullets. Two-Face and a few of his goons visit Gordon and Barbara in order to send them a message about Gordon deciding to play cop again in the form of a bomb.
  6. Unmasked: Taking refuge in his daughter’s bedroom closet, Two-Face and his goons are on the trail for finding Gordon and taking care of what they should’ve done a long time ago. After realizing the errors of his hedonistic ways after finding photos of him and Barbara during a happier time, Gordon finally gives up his hiding place and accepts his fate as the supervillain goes in for the kill. However, Batgirl swoops in just in time and takes out the goons while Two-Face escapes. Confused why she saved him, Batgirl reveals her identity to her father saying that he is the inspiration for wanting to take down crime in Gotham much to his happiness.
  7. Whose Line Is It Anyway?: During a group therapy session, Bane reveals that the famous comedian, George Lopez, will be coming down in a helicopter to do a short bit for their upcoming talent show. Harley proceeds to come up with the ingenious idea to do a comedy bit insulting all of the prisoners which would start up a riot to distract Bane and allow her and Ivy to escape in the helicopter. However, as Bane comes in to do a routine check and notices Harley’s bed isn’t made, he cancels Harley’s bit for the show and it’s up to Ivy to deliver the bit herself.
  8. Shameful Stand-Up: Harley is forced to watch the talent show in a different cell guarded by Sheryl, an associate of Bane who’s been enhanced with his serum. After a successfully hilarious bit by Lopez, Ivy attempts to go up and begins to tell her insulting jokes to start up a riot. However, Ivy’s delivery fails to make anyone laugh or riot as she starts to be booed for her awful stand-up. Deciding to open up her heart instead of trying to make people laugh, Ivy begins to explain their plan to the audience while also making cracks at her life which makes them all genuinely laugh at her jokes. Moved by her words, the audience lead by Mister Zsasz agrees to starting up a riot in order to get out of the pit.
  9. A Greater Gordon: Commissioner Gordon decides that it’s time to take back what’s rightfully his and stop Two-Face and his reign on the GCPD. After pouring all of the alcohol from his kitchen cabinets with his daughter, Gordon visits his former workspace and proceeds to blast the brains out of Two-Face’s various goons. After getting rammed by a police car and getting stabbed in the hand, Gordon is finally able to defeat Two-Face by smashing a bottle of alcohol over his head, promptly knocking him out. Gordon proceeds to incarcerate the supervillain in a GCPD cell with the former commissioner victorious at last. 
  10. It’s About Time: Despite Bane’s pleas to continue rehabilitating themselves, Harley and Ivy begin to escape the pit after Harley broke out of her cell by breaking Sheryl’s arm. With the now-angered prison warden in tow, Bane gets a grip on Harley’s leg which drags the two down from escape. Harley attempts to sacrifice herself, so her best friend can get the happy life she deserves. Letting go off Ivy and with Bane incapacitating her, Ivy is able to successfully rebound and grab her friend not before Harley is able to rip the tubes from Bane’s head that supplies him with his specialized serum. Now ecstatic that they’re free, Harley and Ivy share a kiss in the heat of the moment, much to their shock when it ends. 

And that was it for this week’s episode! Be sure to join us here next week for another all new episode and recap!

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