Batman’s Back, Man Recap

It’s definitely a lot of fun when shows poke fun at themselves, are self-aware, and make light of current events. Today’s episode is in that vein, taking shots at everything from Snydercut stans, the show’s more vocal critics. Intrigued? Check out full recap below:

  1. Just another heavy-handed female empowerment story: The episode opens up with two dudebros hanging out and discussing regular things, like LotR theories, and bashing female-led superheroes by point out all of its “flaws”. Despite that, the new episode intrigues them enough to watch. Particularly because Harley and Ivy don’t appear.
  2. Batman’s back: Bruce is up from his coma, and he’s…in a lot of pain, both physically, and emotionally once he sees what’s beyond his window (and the expertly placed backdrop of a perfectly fine Gotham). He wants to get right back into fighting crime, despite the fact he’s literally crawling on the floor after falling over, and is clearly in no shape to fight or do anything.
  3. Shitshow or Binge Buddies: While Alfred tries to sway Bruce with binge watching the hundreds of new shows, Bruce decides to catch up with Jim Gordon, who doesn’t mince words at how bad Gotham is, and he wants Bruce to bankroll his new police force, emphasis on force.
  4. The Adventures of Macaroni and Batgirl: Bruce is brought up to speed on who has been trying to keep Gotham safe: someone with a big poofy wig filled with gadgets, and Batgirl, who is also running one crazy social media campaign, and it seems to be working in her favor. Meanwhile, Two-Face and Bane are trying to figure out what to do, but Bane is still getting sidelined to his tiny chair, with a memorial in Freeze’s old seat. While Bane would be interested in combining forces, Two-Face won’t hear of it, clearly thinking himself above someone like Bane.
  5. Batwatch: While Bruce does “research” (as well as down-voting) Batgirl’s videos, he finds himself wanting to get Batgirl to stop, even though he’s in no condition to tell her that, as Alfred keeps pointing out to him. But he finds a solution, to hide behind a wall on a rooftop, keeping his cane out of sight in order to try and convince Batgirl to stop her crusade. However, the fangirling Bat stan decides to out him to her 1.3 million followers that he’s alive and back! Of course, him being alive now means that people aren’t so afraid of Two-Face, and actually don’t fear him anymore.
  6. Two Faces: With the news out that Batman is back, all of Gotham is elated, but Alfred is still demanding that Bruce stays in his room, as he proves it by trying to get Bruce to pick up his socks from the ground, which he can’t. They trade some wonderful banter, but in the end, Alfred makes several good points. Meanwhile, Two-Face is changing his tuen, now acting like he’s Bane’s biggest buddy, giving him an executive chair and everything. He agrees to combine forces, but in such a way that it’s not immediately obvious - to everyone but Two-Face. While he claims that this has nothing to do with Batman being back, and that this is a 50-50 partnership, it’s very much not.
  7. Monica: Lucius Fox has been up to something, and that is a new armored suit with a lot of advanced gadgets, and an AI named Monica. But Alfred won’t hear of it, dragging the entire suit by himself and to his room. But Bruce isn’t swayed, taking the suit from Alfred, who turns out is a very heavy sleeper. He takes the suit for a run and it’s going fantastic, he’s taking everyone down. Except Bane. While Batman thinks this is just Two-Face’s operation and points out the flaws of the partnership, it enrages Bane to get juiced up, and truly beat the shit out of Batman. One he’s done, he heads after Two-Face.
  8. Broken Bat: With Batman left for dead, Two-Face’s goons are having their party with him strung up, only to be taken out by Macaroni and Batgirl, and as Bruce finds out, the Macaroni is none other than Alfred. Bruce is saved, and Two-Face’s goons are taken out, and it’s probably going to be the start of a good partnership. Meanwhile, Bane is still going for his reckoning against Two-Face, but he manages to talk his way out of Bane breaking him, and instead gives him his own hole to take care of.
  9. Sitting Bats: Jim meets Batman on a rooftop, who has opted for a little stool to sit on, and introduces Jim to Batgirl, who Batman says will be working with him to help reclaim Gotham while he recuperates. It’s a great ending, and even the two guys from the beginning agree, though in different ways.

And that was it for this week’s episode! Be sure to join us here next week for another all new episode and recap! Let us know what you think in the forum or the comments below.

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