A Seat at the Table Recap

Talk about doing an about-face! This was quite a different take from last week’s episode, with a lot of emotions and drama, not to mention that ending left quite a bit to wonder about what could be next, but first, let’s recap all that happened in this week’s episode:

  1. You’re Doomed!: We’re brought in right into Harley’s crew watching an intro video of what to expect being new members, before they’re brought out to be officially welcomed by the rest of the LOD, and a speech by Lex Luthor. But before everyone can go off and mingle, the Joker has a few words to say. Surprisingly, his words are praise for Harley and all that she has accomplished since she dumped him. Thankfully, neither Harley, nor anyone in her crew, are actually buying a word of this. For now.
  2. An “Evil” Environmental Retaliation: It seems that despite everything, Harley is trying to mend things with Ivy. She’s meeting with her for coffee, and tries to convince Ivy that despite being a card-carrying member of the Legion, she’s still available for anything that Ivy needs punched. After some initial reservations, Ivy gives in and tells her she has a plan. Much to Harley’s happiness, Ivy wants to take down a company that’s destroying the environment, and she could use some help. It seems like their friendship is on the mend, and Harley will be able to balance both her dream of being in the Legion, and having Ivy as a friend.
  3. Doom and Goons: While Harley is brought in to her new office - with some prime baseball bats for smashing - the rest of her crew soon realize that they are not on the same level as Harley, but rather just regular goons. That is to say, they are there for any legionnaire that wants to do some evil plan. That doesn’t make anyone in that trio particularly happy, but Bane has a plan, and he’s rented the trio to help him. Meanwhile, Harley is in a meeting for the members to pitch in evil ideas. The Joker has a ridiculously complicated idea, and while everyone is initially onboard, Harley withholds her support, and topples that tower idea with just logic.
  4. Just One More Drink: Afterwards, Harley is expecting the Joker to berate her for getting his idea disapproved, but he’s actually...impressed? Harley is baffled, but not enough to fall to his charms and accept his invitation to have drinks and meet outside of the Legion. That is, until her crew informs her that they’re being conscripted to do Bane’s legwork, and Harley figures she can get some information from Joker on how to ‘game the system’ and get her friends out of having to work for Bane. One thing leads to another, and pretty soon they’re sharing shots on the house from their number one shipper.
  5. Old Habits Die Hard: While Harley’s enjoying her night out with her old toxic flame, she’s leaving all of her friends with nothing but silence and disappointment. Ivy, who was waiting to meet with Harley to do their preparations for their attack, is fed a story about being stuck in a Legion meeting. While Frank tries to tell Ivy that she’s being stood up, the latter wants to give Harley the benefit of the doubt. Meanwhile, the trio is left with no choice but to be Bane’s goons for his nefarious plan. Meanwhile, Harley and Joker have moved from the bar to a nice yacht hijacking with a candle-light dinner from a couple. They are reconnecting, until Batman shows up to take them down.
  6. Fool Me Once…: The scene was very reminiscent of the Pilot, with Joker about to leave Harley to fight the Bat. But this time, lo and behold, he takes her on the chopper with him! It’s all Harley ever dreamed: being in the Legion, having the Joker respect her and treat her as an equal and kiss her and - throw her out of the chopper. It’s not a pretty scene as Harley has the realization that she’s been duped once again, and her memories flash with all of the times she’s been used by the Joker before. She feels ready to give up, until Batman saves her, and tries to speak some truth to her. But Harley has already realized that, painfully so.
  7. Finless: Meanwhile, Bane has put King Shark in charge of planting the explosive to get his revenge, but thinking that he’s taking too long, Bane activates the explosive, unfortunately wounding King Shark and severing his dorsal fin. Thankfully, he’ll be alright, but it’s in the hospital room when the trio, plus Ivy who was informed of the accident, find out that Harley was lying to all of them. There was no meeting, no attempt to get the trio out of being Bane’s goons, just one candid recording of Harley and Joker kissing while on the chopper. And as perfect timing does, it’s right then that Harley shows up, still lying through her teeth.
  8. Alone: As if being dumped, quite literally, by the Joker, wasn’t enough, she’s also dumped by her crew and Ivy. No one wants anything to do with her, thinking her of just going back to her old ways when it’s convenient for her. No one wants to believe that she’s finally seen that Joker is a manipulative jerk - and even we as an audience are left somewhat skeptical - and they all resign and leave Harley to deal with the fallout of this all by herself.

Hope you all enjoyed Harley this week! Be sure to join us here next week for another all new episode and recap! Let us know what you think in the forum or the comments below.

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